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Checkpoint: New Host 2016 Edition

After 7+ years of running this website, I finally decided to take the hosting responsibilities in my own hands. I moved over to SiteGround (that’s an affiliate). Why SiteGround? I saw a few recommendations over in a Reddit thread and they were running a sale. I tried to look for some professional reviews but that was a fruitless exercise. Every website I ran into was either incomplete or woefully compromised with affiliate links.

I was with HostGator and BlueHost before that so I wanted to find something different. SiteGround looked like they had their shop in order. I was swayed by some of their features like the ability to instantly create a staging site. I migrated this site by myself and initiated a domain transfer. The site transfer highlighted my need for more upload speed but went well. The domain transfer took a bit longer than I wanted but it was within the estimated time. Both were relatively painless.

I’ve used SiteGround’s live chat at least four times and all four times I was disconnected prematurely. I decided to use their ticketing system instead which was surprisingly responsive. I received answers to my inquiries within 30 minutes.

As for GameDealsCanada.com? I took SiteGround’s offer for a free site transfer which was completed within the day. I’ve initiated the domain transfer as well which I hope will be completed by this coming Thursday.

So far so good with SiteGround. Let’s hope the next two years will be equally as smooth.

I’m still chipping away at Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. I’m not enjoying it very much but I see the end of this long journey and I intend to finish it.

I finished Life is Strange and came away pleasantly surprised by the game. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of adventure titles.

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