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Checkpoint: Virtual Reality Reality Check Edition

So we now know the price tags of both virtual reality PC options. The Oculus Rift will cost $599 USD and the HTC Vive will cost $799 USD. Both bundles come with free games and controller options. The Vive includes base stations to enable ‘room experiences’.

I keep tabs on virtual reality but I’m not very keen on the idea of it; I enjoy shifting from screen (PC or HDTV) to screen (mobile) to people while I’m gaming. I’m more fascinated by the idea of augmented reality. I’m sure I would be amazed by VR and find it compelling for certain games but I don’t see myself shelling out the money for such a limited selection of software.

With such a high price tag (excluding the cost of a capable PC), I don’t see why developers would spend the effort to develop something for such a niche audience. It’s why I hope the manufacturers behind these VR headsets will play the long game and continue to fund or publish games for these headsets because I don’t see any established third party publisher putting any significant effort into this.

I’m not writing virtual reality off but I don’t see this catching fire any time soon.

Street Fighter V arrived on Friday. I managed to squeeze in over a dozen matches with my brother but that’s about it. I also received Fire Emblem Fates Birthright on the same day and I’m starting to get my Fire Emblem legs back.

Far Cry 4 continues to be a therapeutic game for me. It doesn’t register excitement or disappointment; it’s just there for me to fiddle with. I didn’t expect that to be the case at all.


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