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Checkpoint: Man U vs Arsenal 2015-16 Edition

Manchester United are mediocre this season and Arsenal are title contenders. Manchester United’s current lineup consists of six players 21 or younger while Arsenal are almost at full strength.

I don’t have a horse in this race but I would like to see Manchester United play spoiler just to see the drama unfold. The media keep piling on Louis Van Gaal and if he pulls out a win and give Leicester City a bigger cushion of points, I wonder what they would say. We North Americans don’t get to witness the full brunt of the media scrutiny that these Premier League teams face but what we do bare witness to seem to be just as annoying as the press in North American sports. I would go as far to say that most of the sports headlines are cheesy and lame.

I don’t know what the reaction is from the British media but some of the EPSN FC have stated that this year’s EPL season is rubbish because there’s no consistent team but I cannot help but say that they’re wrong. The lack of a runaway leader means anything can happen and that’s exciting. Even if Leicester City win it all this year and bottom out next year, it would still be a fun season for neutral onlookers like myself.

I’m nearly done with Far Cry 4. I felt like I was “done” with it 20 hours ago but I’ve just been in “mop up” mode for the rest of it. I only have one co-op Trophy remaining. I reserve Platinums for easy games and/or for games that I really enjoy. Far Cry 4’s Platinum is because of the former. It’s an okay game which I’ll elaborate more on later.

I started Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and I’m questioning why I’m playing with permadeath on if I’m save scumming every time I lose.

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