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Checkpoint: E3 2016 Edition

E3 2016 starts today with Electronic Art’s press conference at 4 PM today. That’s weird huh? E3 has sprawled out from a week to a two week affair. Pre-E3 announcements like Watch_Dogs 2 and Injustice 2 are the norm now. I’m in the camp that appreciates these announcements outside of E3; giving these announcements space to breathe is a plus.

Unfortunately for Watch_Dogs 2, I didn’t bother watching any of what they’ve showed. As for Injustice 2? I only watched the trailer.

If you haven’t noticed, the number of posts highlighting announcements and other gaming related news have dwindled on this site. I’m still keeping tabs on the latest info but I don’t feel compelled to regurgitate every little bit of news with my own take anymore. I’m also drawn towards GameDealsCanada a lot more these days which doesn’t leave me with much spare time. I’m still writing reviews and these Checkpoints though. I’ll likely chime in with an E3 round-up post if it’s warranted.

I think I’m nearing the end of Ratchet & Clank. I never played the original so I don’t know how faithful to the original release this is. Regardless of that fact, I wish they invested more time establishing how Ratchet met Clank and how their relationship was established. Unless I missed it, I don’t believe they even addressed why Ratchet decided to wear Clank on his back; it just happened.

I started Ocarina of Time 3D. I started it with adjusted expectations after my time with A Link to the Past but I’m finding myself being impressed with it. I hope this trend continues.

Oh and I’ve been playing that little game called Overwatch.

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