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Checkpoint: 1000KM Edition

It’s taken quite a bit longer than most people anticipated but I just broke the 1000KM mark on my Volt’s odometer. I don’t drive it for work and I’m not known to go galavanting around town for the sake of it so it’s taken quite a while to reach this mark.

I’ve grown to enjoy the car the more I use it. I got used to the height of the dead pedal to the point that it’s actually a comfortable arrangement now. Sirius XM’s preview is surprisingly decent for pop music which makes the lack of a subscription a relative non-issue. The estimated range continues to impress; I even managed to bump it up to 86 KM (1KM over the official estimated range).

I still try to avoid using the internal combustion engine whenever possible which involves me trying to improve my rate of acceleration and braking. I’m not being annoyingly slow or unsafe by any means but it’s still an interesting exercise to practice.

I’m looking forward to the car’s first appointment in July for the bug fixes and firmware update that includes Android Auto. I don’t have an Android phone but I’d like to see how it works with other people’s phones.

So far so good, here’s hoping it remains an enjoyable ride until 10,000 KM as well.

I just wrapped up Ratchet & Clank. I should have a review up on Wednesday. That is unless I get way too distracted by Overwatch.


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