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Checkpoint: Overwatch Competitive Edition

Overwatch attracts a lot of new comers to the game and it becomes readily apparent when you see people gripe about the game’s newly added competitive mode. It’s not perfect by any means but I can tell by the way certain people play and complain, that they’ve never played a game with ranking.

There are issues such as the manner in which they’ve presented the ranking system, the implementation of sudden death and the lack of severe penalty for people who leave a game early. Other games such as Rocket League have already solved these issues which makes it puzzling to see Blizzard and Overwatch take these missteps.


Blizzard should have gone with a tiered system (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum etc) instead of the 0 – 100 rank system where players are seeing their levels rise and fall after every match.

Sudden Death

Both teams should have the opportunity to defend and attack in Sudden Death. It should have been a stopwatch style game mode instead of leaving the losing team wondering what could have been if they were on attack or defend.

Punishing Leavers

I’ve only witnessed 1 person leaving a match early but c’mon Blizzard. They should force players who quit early to sit out for 10 minutes or so like Rocket League. I understand there is a risk of being banned for the season but that’s obviously not enough of a deterrent to even stop people from quitting more than once.

A Start

After my placement matches, I ended up on 58 but after a night of rough games with fellow GAF players who aren’t as good as I thought they were, I fell to 52 or so. I don’t mind losing the ranks; it happens. But I am bewildered by how the approach of some teammates. The same issues found in early level public games were found here as well. I’ve played with some of these people so I was surprised to see them exhibit these tactical/strategic errors but then again they are just people.

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