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Checkpoint: Orange Companies Edition

After four years of smartphone usage, I’m finally hopping onto a monthly data plan. It took so long because I didn’t want to pay the $50+ monthly rates that everyone was paying. But with Public Mobile‘s 4GB of data for $40 per month promotion, I couldn’t say no. It also helped that they’re backed by one of Canada’s largest networks, Telus. The only catch? They have no physical kiosks and virtually no customer service to speak of. I have to rely on social media contacts and their forums if I have issues. 

Their forum was extremely easy to navigate and search through. I was able find answers to simple questions within seconds. I had no issues transferring my phone number and setting up my account but if I did, I’m confident that I could figure it out for myself. So far, it’s been a very positive experience with Public Mobile. 

I like their silly little SIMSwap promotion which asks users to send in an image of a useless item in an exchange for free SIM. I sent a used air dispenser. I received my SIM a week later but apparently it can take 2-3 weeks which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to take advantage of the $40 for 4GB promotion ending on November 20. 

Public Mobile reminds me of another orange company that promotes low fees in exchange for minimal support, Tangerine. I don’t need to interact with customer service via phone or visit physical locations to conduct business with these services so this “customer service sacrifice” isn’t much of a sacrifice to me. And if I can sacrifice that for lower fees, sign me up.

I would really love to find an internet provider that operates like this.

TitanFall 2’s multiplayer is really growing on me. I’m not great by any means but I’m getting there. Like Overwatch, there are some very smart design choices that de-emphasize kill death ratios and promotes team glory. That’s not to say it’s as friendly as Overwatch though. 

Picross 3D is an addictive gem that’s eating away my time with Dragon Quest VII. And with Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS making its way to North American shores in January, I have little time to remaining. 

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