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Checkpoint: Orange President Edition

I don’t believe I ever mentioned politics here before but the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was a cataclysmic event for our neighbours in the south. What happened?! I cannot begin to dissect the failure of the Democrats without going falling into the depths of American politics but I do have a couple of key takeaways:

  1. The Electoral College is broken and I cannot believe the American people continue to employ it. 
  2. Voter turnout hit 20 year low

If the Electoral College wasn’t in effect, I don’t believe the second point would materialize. When people feel that their vote doesn’t matter, why would they turn up to vote? Hopefully, the system will be addressed but something tells me it won’t be any time soon.

So instead, let’s all buckle up and watch what is about to unfold and hope that we’ll all make it to the other side without too much damage.

My brother and I wrapped up the Gears of War 4 campaign last night. It had issues with too many one shot deaths across the campaign but in the end, I was left curious and wanting to know more about the reborn Locusts. It’s been a great year for shooters and I’m happy to see the 10 year old franchise keep that trend going.

I started the TitanFall 2 campaign and it’s definitely not what I expected from the makers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. 

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