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Checkpoint: Wonderful Time of The Year Edition

I nearly forgot to chime in with a post today and I normally don’t post subjects like this but it’s the holiday season.

It’s been a trying week for me personally with an unexpected spell of anxiety which surfaced after starting my new job. It plagued me all week and culminated with some pretty oppressive depression through Friday and Saturday. I had trouble eating, sleeping and just functioning like my normal self. To say the sole source of anxiety was my new job alone would be incorrect though; it was the trigger point which unfortunately snowballed into doubt, regret with decisions in life and some soul crushing feelings of loneliness. 

That was a depressing paragraph but don’t worry, I think I got myself out of that funk. They say exercising helps and they’re not wrong. I also buried myself with GameDealsCanada business and some NFL football.

What’s most mystifying to me is the fact that I’m experiencing this spell of mental stress in the first place. I’m not easily rattled by changes in life so I’m wondering if this is a sign of aging or something else altogether. 

I’m trying to write up my thoughts on The Last Guardian but at this rate, I’ll be happy to have it all penned down by the end of the year. The same goes with Dragon Quest VII which seems to go on forever which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Thankfully I’ve been enjoying every moment of it.

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