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Checkpoint: Solid Perspective Edition

I don’t mind soup or congee but while I was out sick, I sorely missed the ability to eat (and keep down) solid foods.

Shortly after posting last week’s Checkpoint commenting on my good physical health, I fell ill. At first I believed it to be food poisoning but by day 3, I realized it was a stomach virus. I lost about 6 pounds and a week of work but I came through in the end feeling somewhat refreshed. I’m not 100% back to normal but there’s nothing like a physical ailment to shake off any mental doldrums. 

I had started Inside on New Year’s Eve but after picking up that virus, I didn’t spend much time doing anything besides sleeping and visiting the bathroom. After the worst was over, I managed to finish Inside. I will have a review up this week but for better or worse, it’s the sequel to Limbo that I expected. 

While I was out, I received review code for Yakuza 0. I just wrapped up chapter 1 and you know what? It’s good to be back visiting Kamurocho again. I didn’t play Yakuza 5 (I may remedy that in the future) so Yakuza 0 feels fresh to me. I was given a copy of Firewatch and I have The Witness waiting in the wings but Yakuza 0 will take precedent. 

I’m almost done Dragon Quest VII. I’m nearing the 85 hour mark and I’ve fought the final boss once already. I lost because I didn’t prepare my item equipment loadout properly and perhaps I was a little under-leveled and under-equipped. Once I wrap up those loose ends, I should be able to just put this game to rest.

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