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Inside PS4 Review

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Playdead’s Limbo aesthetic was borrowed and reappropriated many times over since its 2010 release. Now, six years later, the studio who gave us one of most memorable Xbox Live! Arcade titles is back with its next title, Inside.

It’s tough to live up to expectations and in many ways, Inside does not. Playdead didn’t fashion a new look for other developers to draw inspiration from – they built upon what they established already. They didn’t make reinvigorate the indie development scene and make it cool to make 2D platformers again – it’s well worn territory in 2016. Coming to Inside (and its relatively high price tag) looking to be wowed again would have been a mistake.

Inside was exactly what I expected from Playdead. If Limbo was their Super Mario Galaxy then Inside is their Super Mario Galaxy 2. They refined their craft and made another beautiful puzzle platformer.

Limbo shocked me with its surprise impaling and sudden decapitations. I often had no idea that things would go awry in Playdead’s last game. Inside, on the other hand, was a more methodical game where hazards are telegraphed with more obvious means. Deaths are still horrific displays and a few them did come without warning but they were fewer and thus more impactful when one does occur.

Someone shone a brighter light at Playdead’s diorama showing a bit more color and detail in their worlds. I appreciated how expressive the animation of all their actors were but I loved the little details and naunces of the backgrounds. Like Limbo, there was no dialog or overt storytelling. Any story was gleaned off actions and details on screen.

Once again, a small boy is the star of this of show. I guided him through environmental puzzles and away from ferocious dogs and adults who did not hesitate to strangle or drown him. The puzzles weren’t particularly difficult – in fact, I found myself overthinking a few of them resulting me stumping myself. There weren’t many signposts or obvious points of interaction but since it was such a sparse world, it was easy for me to pick out interactable items.

My only complaint against the puzzles was the fact that I was left wanting more. Playdead saved the best for the final third of the game and in some ways, I felt they were just getting started

If Limbo was known for its aesthetic and spider leg pulling, Inside will be remembered for its shift in gear. This singular moment seemingly unhinged the audio and visual restraints placed by Playdead and the game just barreled towards the credits.

I had questions after reaching the end of Inside. What exactly happened in the end there? Was there a secret ending? Of course there was. I didn’t go back to unlock it nor did I go on YouTube to watch it though. I was satisfied reading the discussions and proposals made by people smarter than myself. I kept asking myself what was happening while I was playing the game and in the end, I was satisfied asking questions along the way. The answers really didn’t matter, it was all about the journey.

I liked it

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