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Checkpoint: Goodbye Drew Edition

Many of the long time fans of GiantBomb have a relationship with the site and its personalities that can only be categorized as weird. We’ve grown to know Jeff, Ryan (R.I.P), Vinny, Brad and Drew like distant buddies. They entertain and enlighten us with video game coverage and then some. We’ve seen them change, get married, have children, get bought out, moved offices, moved to different parts of the country, hire new people and see people leave. Aside from Ryan, the core group remained intact throughout the years.

But now the time has come to say good bye to one of the earliest members of the GiantBomb crew, Drew Scanlon aka whitemanblinking.gif, who started out as a video intern, became a video producer and then one of the faces of the site. GiantBomb made this week’s Unprofessional Fridays free and put together a nice little retrospective on Drew starting here.

It’s going to be weird not seeing Drew often (we all know he’ll make regular appearances) but I’ve always felt he was held back from wackier and more interesting things than video game coverage. He did visit North Korea after all. I hope he’s able to live his dream with whatever he ends up doing next.

A Nintendo Switch is in the house and I’m liking it so far. I have lots of little issues with it but as a whole, I’m digging what Nintendo has put forth. I’ve played a bit of 1-2 Switch and took  a whiff of Breath of the Wild to make sure it works. I don’t believe I’ll put it any time into Zelda until I wrap up Yakuza 0 which continues to entertain me. 

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