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Checkpoint: King Sized Edition

It’s a no brainer but there are things that I didn’t properly account for when you’re single. The most prominent example is my bed. For the longest time, I thought I didn’t need a king sized bed but after logically breaking down the size differences, I’m upgrading.

I was of the mindset that if my folks and many other couples in the world were happy with a queen size, why wouldn’t I be? But when I actually looked and compared the comfort a king sized bed offers – it’s a no brainer. A king size bed is essentially two twin beds stuck together. Why wouldn’t I want that? So now I’m in the market for a new bed.

For my queen sized, I just went to a Sleep Country and found a bed with a pillow top that I liked and bought it. I didn’t do too much research or consider online options but I was happy with my purchase. I even purchased a box spring which really wasn’t necessary when I could have done with a modern foundation. This time, however, I’m open to buying a memory foam mattress from the likes of Leesa and just putting more time into looking for a quality mattress for both my girlfriend and I.

There hasn’t been much gaming as of late. I’m dabbling with Breath of the Wild for about an hour or so every night with the occasional bout of Overwatch on PC and PS4 but that’s about it. So this is my gaming life in a relationship huh? It’s amazing how we both enjoy games and yet we do just about everything else but spend time gaming.

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