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Checkpoint: August Long Weekend 2017 Edition

This is the first time I’ve visited Toronto. I’m specifically in the Markham and Thornhill area. It’s an eerie place from someone who is not used to seeing Asians sprawled across such a huge area. The very concept of an Asian bakery existing in the middle of an industrial park is foreign to me.

I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen thus far though. My girlfriend’s parents live in a very nice neighbourhood albeit older than I would like. I’ve been near Lake Shore and Union station which are all well kept areas with plenty of space for people to wander. We were smack dab in the middle of the long weekend and it’s not as densely packed as the busiest areas of Ottawa during tourist season. 

The much touted Asian food in this city has mostly panned out. The dim sum is noticeably better than Ottawa’s but that’s not a high bar to clear. I was honestly more impressed with the low cost which was easily half of what I’m used to paying for adequate dim sum in Ottawa. The prolific Korean restaurants impressed me as well with options the eye can see. 

While the people have been generally nice, there is a noticeable aggression to the driving around the city and parking lots. People don’t wait for pedestrians or other cars to their thing in the parking lots. I’ve witnessed more honking in parking lots this past weekend than the last 3 months in Ottawa. Relaxed driving doesn’t seem to be part of the vernacular in this city. “Don’t give a fuck!” and “Fuck you, I want mine.” driving seems to be more common here.

I still have a day or so to go in the city but so far it’s been a very pleasant visit. The girlfriend’s parents have been very kind to me and I feel very welcomed. It’s been a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t mind returning. 

What have I been playing lately? Games? What’s that? Actually, the girlfriend and I just started playing Diablo III via local co-op on the PlayStation 4. It’s taken her a bit of adjustment but she seems to have warmed up to playing it with a controller with me. She even power-leveled me while I took a nap the other day. That’s love.

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