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Checkpoint: Smart Garage Door Edition

For just over $200 I can control my garage door like that guy above. I can use my iPhone and Siri to open and close my garage door like a fancy guy. That’s a lot of money to make my garage door “smart”. It’s only $200+ if I go through official channels but if I go down the route of Raspberry Pi, I can cobble together something for less than $100 or so.

Do I need this? No but I like the idea of making things in my home smarter for a small price. Nest products like the Nest Thermostat and Protect have spoiled me. Just being able to confirm the status of my garage door for that one time I have doubts about me closing it would be enough to warrant a $100 – $125 investment.

Ideally, I would like automatic curtains and smart lights everywhere, and be able to play music in whatever room I’m in with a few taps on an iPad or iPhone but that’s all a little bit out of reach for me at this moment.



I’m currently all in on Yakuza Kiwami. It’s a remake of the first Yakuza title and while I dialed back expectations, I’m still left wanting. Yakuza Zero took its time to build while Yakuza Kiwami feels rushed in spots. I feel it would have been a huge disservice to the Yakuza story if I didn’t play Yakuza Zero.

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