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Humanity [PS5] Review

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I started playing Humanity after reading some positive impressions and wanting to ensure I didn’t miss its time on PlayStation Plus Extra. I just subscribed to the service and missed out on Stray because I thought it was going to stick around for longer than it did. The trailer featured an amusing style, Enhance Games were involved, and it featured a Shiba Inu which might be my favorite dog breed. 

The conditions for a good time were present and if it wasn’t for the music, I may have enjoyed it a lot more than I hoped.

I never played Lemmings, but I am familiar with its concept of guiding as many followers towards a goal. As the ghostly Shiba Inu, it was up to me to guide these humanoid figures towards the light through different puzzle rules. One set of puzzles of asked me to place commands on the ground in real-time, while the next set of puzzles asked me to plot out the entire route ahead of time. Additional variables such as switches, golden collectibles, and hazards were thrown into the mix to challenge and elaborate on established rules. 

A few puzzles held me up for quite some time, but I was often able to overcome most puzzles through trial and error. The snappy resets and fast forwarding removed a level of frustration that may have discouraged me from finishing it. I’m glad they were so liberal with these aids; they even included a solution video which I never actually clicked on. I imagine it would have shown me how to solve the puzzle.

What really irritated me was the music which I found increasingly grating as I played. I had to quit levels to select a different track at times because some of those default choices were so grating. I had the benefit of sometimes getting lost in a puzzle and not even noticing an annoying track, but my poor wife who wasn’t paying attention often lamented on what she heard coming out of the game. 

I ended up liking the game. It took me longer to complete than I originally anticipated though. I was close to dropping it several times after trying to have extended sessions with it, but I eventually settled to playing one or two levels per day. That cadence of bite sized Humanity made it much more palatable. 

I liked it

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