Oops! Missed a day but perhaps it’s time for a change?

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With the return of the NFL season I’ve been reading Peter King’s MMQB articles and I admire the amount of insight, analysis and opinions shared in a single monolithic post. Patrick Klepek’s Worth Playing posts are of a similar nature but I don’t read them at all.

And that’s my conundrum.

I wonder what’s more appealing for whomever stumbles across these posts. Would they be better served with giant posts or will they be better of scrolling through whatever catch of the day I manage to jot down?

My Sunday Checkpoint pieces aren’t necessarily the same as MMQB or Worth Playing because those posts are about sharing whatever is occupying my thoughts over the past week or weekend.

If I were to change my posting regiment, I was thinking about cutting Mondays out and just leave:

  • Tuesdays – Because news tend to spill out on this day.
  • Wednesdays – Dedicated for whatever review or impressions piece I have cooking
  • Thursdays – For whatever else happened throughout the week
  • Sundays – Checkpoints.

The aim of eliminating Mondays is to give me a day or so to digest and develop better posts. Hell, I may even eliminate Thursdays and just capture whatever I find interesting into a Tuesday post. I’m trying to move away from just posting things that would be perfectly fine on Twitter or a Tumblr page.

Of course I can post whatever I want whenever I want but I like to formulate some kind of schedule to keep some order. I doubt I’ll receive any timely feedback for any of this but that’s alright. I just wanted to paint a word picture for myself.

2007 – 2012: My PlayStation 3 60GB

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My first PlayStation 3 bit the dust yesterday. I had retired it last year after fan noise and power consumption concerns and it hasn’t been used until yesterday.

I tried to update the system firmware to try out the Dead or Alive 5 demo but it struggled to update and then eventually just died with the “Yellow Light of Death”. I had to rip it open to retrieve the Ninja Gaiden 3 disc that I wrongly believed housed the Dead or Alive 5 demo. I don’t know if it’s the power supply or the actual mainboard itself and I don’t think I’ll go down the path of trying to restore it.

I’m just going to let it rest in peace and consider reopening the sucker at a later date.

I actually opened up the carcass by memory and dove right into opening up the Blu-ray drive blind. It wasn’t all that difficult but if you need a guide, here’s an excellent one by iFixit.

TekSavvy Day #8

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Finally. TekSavvy/Rogers activated my cable modem and I’m officially on TekSavvy’s cable internet service. So what happened? Why did Rogers need to send a tech to visit me? According to the tech, he was there just to 1) check my cable signal strength and 2) label the line as a third party line.

I don’t know why it takes so long to do that and why the folks at TekSavvy couldn’t tell me the reasoning behind the visit but it makes some sense. I’m just glad I can pack up Rogers’ cable modem and return it to them before they bill me for it.

With this ISP nonsense out of the way, I can get back to figuring out how I would like to set up my wiring cabinet for the house.

TekSavvy Day #5

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Activation delays continued with Teksavvy as Rogers and/or TekSavvy lost the provisioning ticket. My Rogers internet service is still up and running, but I have no idea how long that will last as I did request to have it disconnected on the 14th of June.

TekSavvy’s tech support resent the ticket on Friday, but I was then left a a voicemail about scheduling an activation date.

What? Rogers shouldn’t need to visit me since I have an active line already. That’s usually the case, however it looks like Rogers will have to visit me. And as of right now there is a 3 day window for that visit.


Update: I also got another order confirmation e-mail from them. That’s three order confirmations for the same activation. I sincerely hope I’m not being charged for service that I’m unable to use.

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