@GameDealsCanada Update – Adding Referrals & More

@GameDealsCanada began as a direct result of a dare. I had the idea to start a Twitter feed dedicated to video game deals, but lacked the motivation to create it. “Who would follow such a thing?” Then Robocrotch said, “If you start the feed, I will join Twitter and follow it.” And thus that’s how @GameDealsCanada was born.

With 200 followers (including plenty of entertaining spam followers), I’d say it’s been a successful little side thing. I’ve received kind words and thanks for the service which is always a nice ego boost however, I wanted a bit more feedback.

Firestorm (of NeoGAF and RFD fame) pointed me towards HootSuite. It’s supposed to be a way to monetize Twitter through Google Adsense, but at the moment it’s nothing more than a stat tracker. You may have noticed the HootSuite toolbar and Ow.ly links; that’s all HootSuite.

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