More Impressions With The LG 55LE8500

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A few weeks have passed since I bought the LE8500, so I thought I should share a few more impressions with the set.

Perusing the AVSForums can be extremely dangerous. They will highlight problems that you may have overlooked initially and completely ruin the way you look at your HDTV. Nearly every HDTV out there has some sort of flaw and the LE8500 is no different.

The most noticeable “problem” is the reflective glass screen. I admit it has become more distracting during late afternoons than I initially expected, but it also helped me realize how poor my blinds are.

The second point of concern is the banding. Reviews have mentioned it and I do notice it in certain situations (ie: PS3 submenu after holding the PS button), but honestly it’s something I can accept. It only happens in very specific circumstances and it isn’t an active problem like the red flashing where the entire image is altered before my eyes.

Other than those two issues, I’ve been more than pleased with this screen.

Windows 7 RC & Office 2010 TP Impressions

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I’m typing this post on a Technical Preview build of Microsoft Word 2010 which is sitting comfortably on top of the Windows 7 Release Candidate. It is the laptop of the future – today! Office 2010 will not be arriving until sometime early 2010 while Windows 7 will debut this holiday season. They could have fooled me though; these early builds are exceptionally stable for me thus far.

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