Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Demo Impressions

Those who purchased the second issue of Qore were blessed with the privilege of downloading the demo of CyberConnect 2’s Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit jealous. Since watching the trailer, I was mesmerized by this PS3 exclusive anime fighter. The fluidity and quality of its animation was unmatched. I even thought it was the epitome of anime fighting games thus far. Today, Sony put the demo up on the PSN store for the rest of us peasants. So I decided to take on this ‘Naruto’ and see if it’ll meet my lofty expectations.

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Siren: Blood Curse Demo Impressions

What do I know about the Siren series? Two things:

  1. It’s a survival horror game with a similar vibe to Silent Hill.
  2. It’s made by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

So when I heard that SCEJ was going to release an episodic remake of the first Siren I thought it would be a great opportunity to check the series out. Japan got their hands on a demo a few weeks ago and today it’s North America’s turn. So without hesitation I downloaded the 547 MB demo, shut the blinds and checked it out. Twice! Here’s some of my thoughts on it.

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PS3 Firmware 2.4 and SSHD Patch 4.0 Impressions

Update: It looks like firmware 2.4 was taken offline after several unfortunate users had their PS3’s “bricked”. Thank goodness mine updated without a hitch. Even if mine was bricked, apparently it’s a simple matter of removing, re-inserting and reformatting the hard drive.

It’s just after midnight and my PS3 was given the prompt to update firmware 2.4. The much anticipated 2.4.

To celebrate, PSN’s flagship game, Super Stardust HD was given the update with Trophy support and a new add-on for $5.99 CAD. The team pack add-on consists of:

  • Ship Editor
  • Orchestral Sountrack
  • Split screen co op
  • VS Match

Since I’m a sucker for anything SSHD, I’ll be picking this one up later on. It’s worth it for the soundtrack and ship editor alone!

As for the update itself? Aside from Trophy support, I believe it came with a slightly remixed soundtrack if I’m not mistakened. I haven’t noticed any other major changes.

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Battlefield: Bad Company PS3 Demo Impressions

Battlefield: Bad Company, the console exclusive spin-off of the Battlefield series, is a game I had no interest in. The modern warfare genre was blindsided by Call of Duty 4 and for good reason; the game plays phenomenally. Fortunately for DICE and EA, Call of Duty 4 doesn’t tread over the entire modern warfare territory; they’ve left the large landscapes and vehicular based combat arena wide open. I asked our dear friend, Robocrotch, to try out the game on the Xbox 360 while I awaited the PSN release. Since this week’s Playstation Store update was late, I got my hands on it last night and gave it a whirl. Is it as bad as Robocrotch so bluntly stated? I found half of it to be terrible and the other half? Competent.

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