Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

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I thought Uncharted 2’s multiplayer was surprisingly good, but issues with connectivity and matchmaking prevented me from playing for a brief period of time and I never went back.

Naughty Dog’s take on multiplayer was surprisingly good for their first attempt. It completely destroyed the notion of it being tacked on.

What I enjoyed most about it was its simplicity on the surface. It was a third person shooter where you could climb, take cover and shoot dudes in the face. The depth came through exploration of the game’s levels and abilities. For example, not many people knew that it was possible to pick up ammo while rolling over ammo. Those were simpler times.

In contrast, Uncharted 3’s multiplayer appears to be needlessly complicated at first, but upon closer inspection, it’s just a Call of Duty layer on top of Uncharted 2’s multiplayer.

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Crysis 2 PS3 & PC Multiplayer Demo Impressions

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The first Crysis wasn’t known for its multiplayer, but it was known for its graphics! The PC demo debuted several weeks ago, but I wanted to wait for the PlayStation 3 version in order to write up impressions of both.

Let’s start with the PC version which was met with much criticism for its lack of graphical options and pizazz. Fortunately, I didn’t care for any of that stuff. I just ran it at 1680×1050 on “Advanced” aka “Medium” quality and was off to the races. My rig managed to muster around 40 FPS which was great! The game didn’t look nearly as sharp or detailed as the first Crysis, but the important thing was that it ran well and looked good enough.

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Yakuza 4 N.A Demo Impressions

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Yakuza 4 - Saejima Kicking Ass

When the Japanese demo of Yakuza 4 was released back in 2010, I navigated my way through the Japanese PSN Store towards the download link. It was an all encompassing demo which gave a sizable sampling of what Yakuza 4 was about.

They separated the demo into “Story Mode” and “4 player battle mode”. Story mode showed off voice work and Sega’s latest cutscene presentation skills. The latter showed off the four protagonists and their fighting styles along with the minor tweaks they made to the fighting system in general. It was still brutal and context sensitive, but I felt it was a bit more polished this time around.

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