MAG Open Beta Impressions

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mag-logoFirst impressions mean a lot and after spending a half hour or so with the MAG open beta and let me tell you, it’s not worth the 1.8GB download.

I get what it’s trying to do. In fact, I think the tri-faction, character creation and somewhat persistent nature of the online play is awesome. But what MAG fails to do is establishing the basics; the feel and look of the game just doesn’t measure up to the competition of today. Hell, I would go as far as to say that feel of the gunplay doesn’t even measure up to 2003’s Call of Duty. I’m playing Call of Duty: Classic right now and that game — that six year old game — has more reload animations than MAG.

The gunplay just doesn’t feel right either. It works, I can mow down people, but it doesn’t feel remotely satisfying or modern. Going back to Call of Duty: Classic and its inventory selection of grenades is understandable, but doing that in a 2009 modern day shooter? I don’t understand it. And why do these grenades sound like firecrackers?

It just isn’t right and that’s how I feel about MAG as a whole. It has a lot of great ideas, but when even the basics don’t feel right, what’s the point? Thanks for offering the beta, Sony. Now I know I can safely pass on MAG.

Dante’s Inferno PS3 Demo Impressions

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I was checking up on the last demo I shared impressions on and it turns out that it was another character action game. As you can see, worthwhile demos have become a rarity for the past several months.

So EA and Visceral Games (Dead Space) decided to give PS3 owners two week’s worth of alone time with the Dante’s Inferno demo. I don’t see why they would give the PlayStation 3 version such special treatment with Kratos looming in the shadows, but kudos to EA for showing the Sony camp some love I guess.

I had to give Dante’s Inferno a try based on the fact that it’s a God of War clone made from the guys who brought us the Resident Evil 4 influenced Dead Space. Most of the ideas may not be original, but you can still create a worthwhile experience based on established mechanics. Or so I thought. The results were all over the place.

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Bayonetta Japanese Xbox 360 Demo Impressions

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When the creator of Devil May Cry announced a new action game, I took note. No matter how ridiculous, cheesy or down right awful Bayonetta looked in video, I had to try the demo for myself. I chose the Xbox 360 demo after hearing unfavorable things concerning the PlayStation 3 build. If there’s any genre which requires steady framerate, it’s the action genre. Shame on Sega & Platinum games for letting their PlayStation 3 version falter.

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Lost Planet 2 PS3/360 Demo Impressions

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The Lost Planet demos were amongst the first ever Xbox 360 demos I’ve ever tried; they served as my first single player and multiplayer experience for this generation. Since snow settings are by far my favorite, Lost Planet felt like an ideal game made for me. Then the reviews hit and convinced me to hold off for more attractive pricing.

I have yet to pick it up.

Now we have Lost Planet 2. Screenshots and video reveal a gorgeous looking game while previews say it’s a blast to play. Well, I’ve tried both demos and came away with rather mixed feelings.

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