RSRSG – Battlefield: Bad Company Demo

Welcome to the first RSRSG (Robocrotch’s Shitty Reviews of Shitty Games).

So I pretty much hate writing, but I like you, so I’m going to warn you about this shitty demo. I put as much effort in these reviews as the developers put in the games I’m reviewing.

I played the demo for about 20 minutes and I have no idea how I lasted so long.

  • the controls are crap
  • the graphics are crap
  • driving mechanism is crap
  • healing yourself is crap
  • the guns are crap
  • the sound of guns is crap
  • the rocket launcher is crap
  • the tank that you have to blow up with the rocket launcher is crap
  • this review is crap

The only good thing was the destructable terrain/environment.

So the Penguins lost, this game came out, worst day of my life.

Final word
Play COD4 instead

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit PS3 Demo Impressions

It’s been awhile since I was excited for a demo. Today, the Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit was released for both the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live! Marketplace. But why be excited for a Dragon Ball game? Well, I for one was/am a Dragon Ball fan. Secondly, this is a DBZ game developed by Dimps, the talent behind DBZ: Budokai 3 and co-developer of Street Fighter 4. So, I downloaded the 478 MB demo and desperately held hope for a spiritual successor to Budokai 3 and you know what? It is.

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GRID PS3 Demo Impressions

Along with the Haze U.S. demo, which I talked about earlier already, this week’s U.S. PSN update boasted another demo of interest. No, I’m not talking about The Bourne Conspiracy demo. I’m talking about the demo for Codemaster’s GRID. It’s their new racing franchise. I went into this demo under the false pretense of expecting a non-rally version of DIRT. How wrong I was. It’s not DIRT. It’s not even Project Gotham Racing. It’s some sort of bastardization between Ridge Racer and Forza.

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Haze Demo Impressions


Coinciding with today’s PlayStation Day, European PS3 owners were given a chance to take Free Radical’s Haze for a spin. I admit that after many delays, which pushed this title well into 2008, my interested waned considerably. However, I’m a gamer of patience and thus I downloaded the 1.5 GB demo – I deliberately set GTAIV aside just to try it out so you people better appreciate this. My thoughts? It’s not that bad or that great.

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