Turok PS3 Demo Impressions


I did not own an Nintendo 64, thus the Turok series is somewhat of a mystery to me. I know what the games were about on a features and description basis, but if you were to ask me about the Turok experience — I would give you a blank stare. Fortunately, the latest instalment of Turok is supposed to be a reboot of the franchise and my lack of Turok nostalgia may actually benefit my view of Propoganda Games’ take on the famed franchise. I downloaded the 1.1 GB demo from the PSN store last night and after spending some time with it I have got to say I was right with my intial thoughts of the game; good, but not great.

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The Club PS3 Demo Impressions


Yesterday, our European brethren across the pond received a nice gift in the form of a surprise demo on the European PlayStation Network Store. The game? Sega published and Bizarre Creations developed third person shooter known as The Club. I downloaded the 1.7 GB monster of a demo and played around with it for an hour or so. Here are some of my impressions. Read More

Aquaria Demo Impressions


Independent developers have it tough when it comes to publicity for their games. They lack the budget, the contacts and sometimes the “know how” to actually promote their game. So to have an independent game featured on something like the 1UP Show means it must be worth checking out, right? Definitely. Aquaria is PC game developed by a two-man development team who call themselves Bit-Blot. I took their demo of Aquaria for a test drive and I thought it would be fitting to give their game a bit of publicity and share my thoughts about it.

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Burnout: Paradise PS3 Demo Impressions

Courteousy of EA Games

I never purchased a Burnout game, but I have always enjoyed the little time I spent with them over the years. Like fans of the series, the fun of wrecking your car in rush hour in a spectacular display of twisted metal, broken glass and exploding sparks struck a cord with me. Unlike true fans of the series, Burnout games were never more than a few sessions of thrills for me. With the release of Criterion’s Burnout: Paradise demo on the PSN and XBL today, I was curious to see if this installment was worthy of a full price purchase.

After spending an hour or so with demo, the answer short answer is: no. Long answer? Read on.

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