Checkpoint: ResetEra Edition

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Last week it was the death of NeoGAF. This week, it’s all about the birth and rise of ResetEra. ResetEra is essentially the successor to NeoGAF – in name and in technology. The ethos behind the forum remains; don’t be a jerk. The strict moderation and registration processes continues but now the forum is powered by XenForo which coincidentally is the successor to vBulletin which powered NeoGAF.  I still find myself tempted to visit NeoGAF out of habit and morbid … Read More

Checkpoint: Death of NeoGAF Edition

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So NeoGAF is essentially dead. NeoGAF will never fully recover from the mass exodus of members and moderators after its founder was accused of sexual misconduct. This Waypoint article by Patrick Klepek details the events that transpired over the past weekend. I will miss the community but I won’t miss the site or its owner. Apparently some community members and former moderators are putting together replacement forums but what will emerge as the true successor to NeoGAF will not be … Read More

Checkpoint: Buff It Out Edition

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Well, it finally happened. I scratched my 2016 Chevrolet Volt. It was a very dumb mistake on my part. I was careless and didn’t account for a concrete wall. I buffed most of it out by hand but I don’t have the tools to finish the job properly. I brought the car in for maintenance and asked for a quote. I’ll see how much it will cost me to get this properly fixed. — The SNES Classic Edition is a … Read More

Checkpoint: Thanksgiving 2017 Edition

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Thanksgiving normally isn’t a thing for my family. We’ve done the turkey thing and for the past couple of years we’ve been hamming it up. This year has been quite different; I’ll be having not one but two turkey dinners. I’ve also had my share of Korean lunches and dinners after it’s all said and done. I’m in Toronto spending time with my girlfriend’s friends and family.  There’s something about the traditional thanksgiving rigmarole that makes scratch my head. Why … Read More

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