Checkpoint: A New Look Edition

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I should have had a post on Sunday but I was busy. I was busy trying on clothes with the girlfriend and getting a fresh update to my wardrobe. Long story short: everything fits me better aka stuff is tight. Unfortunately I don’t have any nice photos to share but I look nice. Trust me.  I won’t lie. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain these check ins along side with GameDealsCanada and the other priorities in my life. I don’t … Read More

Nier: Automata PS4 Review

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I like the idea behind Nier: Automata more than the actual game itself. I like feeling and vibe that Square Enix and Platinum Games were going for but I could have done without the tedium. I would rather hear someone tell tales of the ridiculous things that Yoko Taro and company went attempted in this game than actually experiencing it for myself. Because the action and moment to moment gameplay powering Nier: Automata was tedious, mindless and — if developers … Read More

Checkpoint: Humid Weekend Edition

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It’s been a nice weekend with the significant other but only because we’ve spent most of it indoors with air conditioner. When not doing couple activities, I’ve been catching up on GiantBomb’s E3 2017 coverage and playing Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch.  The GB crew are getting better and better with their night shows. Jeff has a real knack for hosting these shows by asking good questions and getting everyone involved (no awkward segments this year!). While the coverage … Read More

Checkpoint: Xbox One X Edition

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The Xbox One X is a fine name. I like it more than Xbox Scorpio or any 4K variant people were pitching leading up to the reveal.  It’s a nice looking console as well; sleek and small. The fact that it’s smaller than the Xbox One S is impressive. I would like it white though.  $499.99 USD is a lot of money. I don’t know what the official CAD pricing will be but apparently it will be $599.99 CAD which … Read More

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