Yakuza Kiwami Review

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I loved Yakuza 0. It’s probably the best Yakuza game to date. It filled in the backstory of key characters like Majima and Nishikiyama by giving them more depth and nuance then I would have ever imagined. But as someone who started with Yakuza 2 and only experienced the first game through the included retrospectives, the game that started it all is a mystery to me. Yakuza: Kiwami is a fine remake of the PlayStation 2 title from a gameplay … Read More

Checkpoint: Portable (Near) Perfection Edition

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I understand why people love their Nintendo Switch so much. It’s portable perfection. Just today I played Breath of the Wild while my girlfriend was getting ready for a wedding as a giant portable. Then shortly afterwards, I plopped it into this Hori Compact Play Stand plugged in the USB-C cable so it could charge, removed the Joy-cons and then resumed playing with the controllers inside the Joy-con grip.  The only thing that would make it an even more versatile gaming … Read More

Checkpoint: iPhone X Edition

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$1319 before taxes. That’s how much the new iPhone X costs. I’m not upset at Apple for “daring” to charge that much but it’s far too much for something that I can so easily lose or damage. It is excess and luxury tech in one of its finest forms. As always, Apple didn’t exactly announce anything mind blowing for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. We’ve all seen face unlocking, wireless charging, and edge-to-edge displays from the likes of Samsung … Read More

Checkpoint: Smart Garage Door Edition

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For just over $200 I can control my garage door like that guy above. I can use my iPhone and Siri to open and close my garage door like a fancy guy. That’s a lot of money to make my garage door “smart”. It’s only $200+ if I go through official channels but if I go down the route of Raspberry Pi, I can cobble together something for less than $100 or so. Do I need this? No but I … Read More

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