Checkpoint: August Long Weekend 2017 Edition

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This is the first time I’ve visited Toronto. I’m specifically in the Markham and Thornhill area. It’s an eerie place from someone who is not used to seeing Asians sprawled across such a huge area. The very concept of an Asian bakery existing in the middle of an industrial park is foreign to me. I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen thus far though. My girlfriend’s parents live in a very nice neighbourhood albeit older than I would like. I’ve … Read More

Checkpoint: Minimal Gaming Edition

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While my girlfriend and I are fans of video games, we are not playing nearly as much as when we’re both single. I’m currently watching a Korean drama that’s silly and delivered in a quality that I haven’t witnessed since the mid-2000s. And if we’re not watching something or doing couple activities, then I’m sneaking in an hour of Breath of the Wild or Overwatch here and there. It’s not optimal. If I want more gaming time, then I’m going … Read More

Checkpoint: King Sized Edition

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It’s a no brainer but there are things that I didn’t properly account for when you’re single. The most prominent example is my bed. For the longest time, I thought I didn’t need a king sized bed but after logically breaking down the size differences, I’m upgrading. I was of the mindset that if my folks and many other couples in the world were happy with a queen size, why wouldn’t I be? But when I actually looked and compared … Read More

Checkpoint: HTC Vive Edition

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I tried virtual reality for approximately 40 minutes today by way of a friend’s HTC Vive headset. It was pretty much as I expected it to be – I wasn’t disappointed but at the same time, I wasn’t amazed either. I played a bit of Space Pirate Trainer, Valve’s The Lab, NVIDIA’s Carnival freebie, Onward and SUPERHOT VR. SUPERHOT VR was the only game I really wanted to dig in and play, all the others were fun experiences that I … Read More

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