LTTP: Firewatch (PC)

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I spent a lot of time reading maps, exploring the surrounding wilderness and dealing with the usual public park happenings that would crop up. Rowdy teens? Illegal fireworks? Missing persons? They certainly made it feel like I was working in a giant public park. All these mundane activities were broken up with radio communiques with Delilah, a veteran lookout who acts as a guide at first but slowly develops into a companion for Henry.   The dialog options gradually evolved from … Read More

Checkpoint: KB/M PC 4K Edition

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My girlfriend and I tried playing Overwatch [PC] on my LG OLED55B6P over the weekend. We used an old Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo I bought for HTPC use, rested the keyboard on our laps and used the mouse on a plastic/steel mouse pad beside us.   It worked surprisingly well.   It worked so well that I’m considering investing a bit of money to upping this setup. I already have a USB extension cable for the KB/M wireless receiver so … Read More

Checkpoint: Canada Day 2017 Edition

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I watched this year’s Canada Day fireworks from my workplace with my girlfriend and her parents yesterday. It was my first time meeting them and I thought it went very well. I was incredibly comfortable around them and at times I felt like I was communicating with my own mother. My girlfriend wasn’t as relaxed as I was though. I may have been comfortable during in the moment but after the fact? A fair bit of anxiety kicked in — … Read More

Checkpoint: A New Look Edition

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I should have had a post on Sunday but I was busy. I was busy trying on clothes with the girlfriend and getting a fresh update to my wardrobe. Long story short: everything fits me better aka stuff is tight. Unfortunately I don’t have any nice photos to share but I look nice. Trust me.  I won’t lie. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain these check ins along side with GameDealsCanada and the other priorities in my life. I don’t … Read More

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