Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Review

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I tried to play Dragon Quest VIII back in the PlayStation 2 days but the stark contrast between it and the flashier Final Fantasy titles made it tough for me to appreciate it. It wouldn’t be until Dragon Quest IX that I gave this Japanese roleplaying game juggernaut its fair shake. It turned out that I really enjoyed playing Dragon Quest on a handheld. I enjoyed the DQIX so much that I pre-ordered both Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest … Read More

Checkpoint: Switch Reveal Edition

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Nintendo’s Switch presentation was a bit of a downer, if I’m honest. The hardware didn’t surprise me because of the early leaks. The software lineup was shockingly scarce and the price was far too high compared to its contemporaries. But then there was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey which captured my attention.  The Price Let’s address the elephant in the room right away: the price. $399.99 is far too much for the Canadian market. … Read More

Inside PS4 Review

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Playdead’s Limbo aesthetic was borrowed and reappropriated many times over since its 2010 release. Now, six years later, the studio who gave us one of most memorable Xbox Live! Arcade titles is back with its next title, Inside. It’s tough to live up to expectations and in many ways, Inside does not. Playdead didn’t fashion a new look for other developers to draw inspiration from – they built upon what they established already. They didn’t make reinvigorate the indie development … Read More

The Last Guardian Review

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I never owned a dog or a cat but I’ve spent enough time with them to recognize that The Last Guardian asks for the same mentality that pet ownership requires. I gave into the idea of Trico, the giant bird-cat-dog creature, being a living breathing artificial intelligence that required repetition and patience to command. To expect an obedient animal to follow my every whim with both speed and accuracy would be a mistake. Trico can be frustratingly unresponsive or annoyingly imprecise … Read More

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