CES 2008 Day 2 Highlights

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Some of my personal highlights from Day 2 of CES 2008: CES and Bill Gates has been quite the tradition. I mean just check out the above picture of him and Conan racing from CES 2005. With this being Sir Bill Gates’ final CES 08 appearance, the tradition is coming to an end. Engadget got the opportunity to speak with the “soon to be former” Chairman of Microsoft and ask him some questions. Sony demoed copying from Blu-ray disc today and what makes it so … Read More

CES 2008 Begins

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  CES 08 began earlier today. All the sexy TVs and other neat tidbits began pouring out already. Check these sites for all the latest info: C|Net’s CES 08 Coverage Engadget CES 08 Coverage Gizmondo CES 08 Coverage Looks like the 11 inch Sony XEL-1 OLED screen will be hitting the Americas for low price of $2500 USD. Sony, Samsung and Toshiba also announced their new models of HDTVs. Timing could not be better. I am in the market for a new … Read More

No_Style’s Checkpoint: Blu-ray Exclusive Edition

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Listening to the first GFW Radio podcast of the new year. Pretty good stuff so far. This week’s “Hero of the Web” was hilarious. The GFW folks also discuss their own GOTY choices. 1UP Yours is happening this week as well. My copy of Odin Sphere came in yesterday and I played an hour or so of it this morning. Enjoyable, simple and beautiful are words I can easily associate to this game. An LTTP article will be up when … Read More

Megaton: Warner Bros. Goes Blu-ray Exclusive

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Ladies and gentlemen. The high definition format war is all, but over. Warner Bros. goes Blu-ray exclusive. WB representives say money hats were not given for the “sudden” move, but only the naive could completely believe that. I am very pleased with this move. I guess we know why WB needed the 2 hour timeslot for their press conference at CES 08 now; lots of Q&A time. Update: HD-DVD Forum just cancelled their CES 08 press conference. I’m shocked. Why no damage control?

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