Here Comes A New Challenger in SFIV

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The latest issue of, Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu featured some interesting Street Fighter IV tidbits including a new character. Scans of the article can be found over at NeoGAF. Interviews did say we should expect new female characters, but I did not expect this. The character design reminds me of SNK’s King of Fighters, but I will reserve final judgement until in-game footage of her is shown. Who knows perhaps she will be bad ass? Thanks to neo2046 of NeoGAF for the scans. Update: Her … Read More

The Confusing Zelda Timeline by the AVGN

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Remember the GameTrailers Zelda Retrospective with the Zelda timeline theory? Well, AVGN has his own theory in this unreleased (on GameTrailers) video: [gametrailers 29488] This reminds me that I have to play Zelda: Twilight Princess one day.

CES 2008 Day 3 Highlights

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Day 3 of CES 2008 was filled with fewer bombshells, but it did have its fair share of highlights like the Optimus Maximus keyboard (thanks to Engadget for the picture above) which we have been hearing about for years. $460 for the lowest model? Not cheap, but it does feature OLEDs though! New Line Cinema detailed their transition to Blu-ray with very little details. They are going Blu (effectively immediately), but no titles will be announced at CES 2008. Bummer. Not a fan … Read More

Silent Hill V Preview @ 1UP

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EGM’s October preview of the upcoming “Konami” survival horror, Silent Hill V, was posted by the folks at 1UP. Here’s a quote: Silent Hill V probably won’t hit PS3 and Xbox 360 until fall 2008, leaving a four-year gap between this and the previous title, Silent Hill 4: The Room. That’s a long time, considering that the first four games all shipped within a five-year period, and the 2006 big-screen Silent Hill film adaptation undoubtedly broadened the series’ appeal. So rather than … Read More

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