Aquaria Demo Impressions

Independent developers have it tough when it comes to publicity for their games. They lack the budget, the contacts and sometimes the “know how” to actually promote their game. So to have an independent game featured on something like the 1UP Show means it must be worth checking out, right? Definitely. Aquaria is PC game developed by a two-man development team who call themselves Bit-Blot. I took their demo of Aquaria for a test drive and I thought it would be fitting to give … Read More

NeoGAF Presents: G.A.M.E. – An Electronic Music Compilation

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I have posted about them before, and mentioned them several times throughout my various postings on this site and on my personal blog. Of course, I am speaking about remixes and user created musical compositions. Be it OC Remix or other works such as G.A.M.E., I always give them a listen. G.A.M.E. (Gaming Age Musica Electronia) is a remix project which comes from the NeoGAF forum and its talented members. It is primarily comprised of electronic mixes “ranging from chiptunes to IDM to trance to experimental … Read More

No_Style’s Checkpoint: X-Mas Edition

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With Christmas holiday around the corner things for the site and the industry in general may slow down a bit. Fortunately, that leaves me with a lot of gaming time. I am trying to go through Unreal Tournament III for the PS3’s single player, but I find it hard to sit down and actually go through it. I will detail the reason why later in my review which should appear sometime next week.  (Thursday at the earliest) On the side, I continue to … Read More

Patapon – CES 08 Trailer

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Games like Patapon intrigue me since they stray so far from the norm. Sure it looks like a crossbreed between Loco Roco’s art style and Parappa the Rapper’s gameplay, but I am all for it. Check out the quirkiness in the trailer below: [gametrailers 29179]

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