Hail to the King, Baby!

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Duke Nukem Forever trailer coming tomorrow, December 19th, 2007, at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time. In the meantime you can check out the NeoGAF post for the awesome screenshot. That’s 100% man right there, folks. Try not to get hopes too high, people. This is only a teaser and there was a teaser in the past and we all know what came after that…

The Ultimate PS3 Media Streaming Solution Is Here

The Past Ever since DLNA support was added to the PLAYSTATION 3 in firmware 1.80, I have been streaming all sorts of media to my living room and HDTV in a configuration similar to this: Early on, I transcoded my Top Gear and American Dad episodes from my PC via TVersity since a majority of my content was encoded in DivX/XviD format (incompatible with the PS3 at the time). While the solution worked, it had some inconvenient setbacks: Computer(s) must be on in order to view/access all media. … Read More

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune Review

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You may have experienced life as a space marine, stealth assassin, special agent or even life as a scantily clad woman, but have you been just an “ordinary man”? Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune places you in this very role of being an ordinary man, named Nathan Drake, who happens to be the descendent of famous English explorer, Sir Francis Drake. While Drake lacks the military training of a hardened marine and the finesse of ninja, he somehow embarks on … Read More

Bonus Round: Year in Review Part 2 of 4

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In this episode, Keighley, Croal, Pachter and Satterfield talk Microsoft and all the buzz which surrounded them this past year. Some wacky insights by Pachter as always, but his comment about the possibility of Mass Effect coming to PS3 is putting my initial plan of purchasing Mass Effect on Boxing Day into question. You can watch the episode here.

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