Steam Now Supports Gift Purchases

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A Steam update was just released with one noticeable and festive feature: gift purchases. It is an excellent method of gift giving for that PC gamer on your list. If you are wondering how it all works check out the Steam FAQ. Some folks may recall that Steam supported gift giving for only Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One earlier this year, but now the feature supports all games available at the Steam Store. Give the gift of Orange Box. … Read More

Burnout: Paradise PS3 Demo Impressions

I never purchased a Burnout game, but I have always enjoyed the little time I spent with them over the years. Like fans of the series, the fun of wrecking your car in rush hour in a spectacular display of twisted metal, broken glass and exploding sparks struck a cord with me. Unlike true fans of the series, Burnout games were never more than a few sessions of thrills for me. With the release of Criterion’s Burnout: Paradise demo on the PSN … Read More

Unreal Tournament III On Its Way To Me

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My copy of Unreal Tournament III for PLAYSTATION 3 is on its way here from BestBuy. ETA: Friday. I’m excited to find out how well it runs and looks on my HDTV. A review of it will probably show up after my Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune one, though. If you are looking for some good thoughts concerning the game, check out 1UP’s review. 

Street Fighter IV: New Pics and Info Analysis

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With the new January issue of EGM came a boatload of information regarding Street Fighter IV which can be found and summarized into this post from NeoGAF. Earlier today another collection of screenshots (courteousy of eNe3) were made available to the public. These screenshots are the exact same ones which were in the EGM article. After my initial shock and bewilderment caused by the unorthodox depictions of Ryu and Ken, I noticed two “obvious” gameplay features:

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