Battlefield 1943: Pacific – It’s not a mod

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I wasn’t much of a Battlefield 1942 fan. In fact, I was playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein’s multiplayer when the game debuted and didn’t enjoy how the game felt. So you will have to excuse me if I seem a little cold towards the upcoming PSN/XBLA/PC downloadable title, Battlefield 1943: Pacific. It’s a ‘remake’ of some the classic Battlefield 1942 maps like Wake Island. Sounds interesting considering I was a fan of the Battlefield 2 version, Wake Island 2007.

Let’s breakdown what this upcoming game will provide:

  • Geared towards pick up and play
  • Will cost approximately $15 – $20
  • Will be approximately 350 MB
  • Will only have three classes: Infantry, Riflemen, and Scout
  • Will have auto-regnerating health and unlimited ammo
  • Will be powered by the Frostbite engine which was used in Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Supports up to 24 players

You can checkout the trailer and some screenshots courteousy of Gamersyde.

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Five 1942: Joint Strike Screenshots

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I was pretty excited when Capcom announced this shoot ’em up “remake”, but after seeing the screenshots below, I just don’t know. It’s missing something. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s missing that special something that makes it a 1942 game.

Expect 1942: Joint Strike in two week’s time. July 23rd for XBLA and July 24th for PSN.

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Captivate 2008

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Captivate is Capcom’s own media event. Nothing super exciting happened, but there were some noteworthy pieces of media and info which I stumbled across.

Street Fighter IV

Unlike another Street Fighter game, this one is actually impressing me with every showing.

The ‘Vengeance’ Trailer is definitely worth watching if you haven’t seen the game for awhile. Ignore the announcer and his ramblings; he’ll stop at the half way point and then you can enjoy some fantastic Street Fighter IV footage. If you’re wondering how the game is shaping up, it’s actually going very well according to impressions from Kotaku.

People will be pleased to know that the console versions will include the following exclusive features:

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