Gamasutra’s insight into Irrational Games’ closure

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2k-games-logoLeigh Alexander posted some insight over at Gamasutra concerning the closure of Irrational Games. As suspected, it was because of money and the fact that BioShock: Infinite did not sell enough units to justify its bloated budget.

Every studio has its share of disgruntled employees and it looks like Irrational was no different. Several employees have expressed discontent with the studio’s creative lead, Ken Levine, stating he was difficult to work with.

After reading the speculative piece, it’s tough not to consider the fact that this was a long time coming. Unless BioShock: Infinite sold like Grand Theft Auto V, this studio was doomed. No publisher can afford to have one of their studios take six years to develop a game and break even or worse.

BioShock PS3 Demo Impressions

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2007 was a special year for gaming which some regarded as the best gaming year ever. I thought those comments were greatly exaggerated. What wasn’t an exaggeration was how wonderful BioShock was. It was a brilliant game which just about everyone got to play. Well everyone who owned an Xbox 360 or a capable PC. PS3 only gamers were left out of the fun, but now their time has finally come. Rapture awaits, but will this port deliver the same wonderful experience Xbox 360 and PC gamers were blessed with last year? Or should you save your pennies for a new AMD HD Radeon 4850?

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E3 2008: Bioshock PS3 Exclusive Features Are Lame

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I was considering picking up this title again on launch day if it had compelling exclusive content, but buying it again for the exclusive privilege to download content? No, thanks. Even though it sounds somewhat entertaining, I’ll probably pick it up once it hits $30 CAD or so.

C’mon, 2K Games, at least confirm some significant performance improvements or something.

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