Metro 2033 Xbox 360 Review



Not many people knew of Metro 2033 prior to its launch. It wasn’t well marketed or hyped despite its Xbox 360 (and PC) exclusivity status. And aside from a handful of trailers, it barely received any press attention. So how did I hear of it and why did I pick it up? To be frank, none of my reasons were for the game itself. I picked it up because:

  1. There was a EB Games/GameStop Power Trade promotion for it
  2. I was impressed by the tech
  3. I wanted to try an Eastern European game

Silly reasons, but more interesting than simply “because it looked cool” wouldn’t you agree?

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Let’s Talk Metro 2033

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One of the few ways draw me towards a game is an impressive game engine. A great looking (and running) console game speaks volume about the game as whole.

4A Games’ Metro 2033 definitely has the tech behind it, but what about the game? It’s a first person shooter with survival horror,  stealth and role playing elements. An ambitious array of elements to say the least.

It’s a post apocalyptic game where the people now live underground in the subway systems. It’s also based off a book of the same name. And did I mention it was made by Ukranians?

It’s such an interesting title for me and one that I will be “Power Trading” for tomorrow. Metro 2033 will debut March 16, 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PC.