Looking at the Belkin WeMo Light Switch

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I’m very much into the idea of home automation. I wish I could live in a Tony Stark style house with Jarvis doing all my bidding. So when I see gadgets like the Belkin WeMo Light Switch, I’m intrigued. I can control it via smartphone app, schedule and even through accessories like the motion sensor. It sounds really neat on the surface but is it worth $50?

Belkin WeMo Light Switch

CNET gave it a glowing review and the general consensus on Amazon.ca appears to be equally positive. However despite all that, I cannot convince myself this is a useful gadget. Luxurious? Extravagant? Yes. But I just can’t see myself needing to schedule lights to turn on or remotely turning on/off my lights.

Ok, I can find one or two scenarios where that would be useful but c’mon. Not for $50. I’ll try one once I can find one for $20 – $30.

PS Vita Pricing Details for Games & Accessories


The PlayStation Vita won’t arrive for a few months, but Sony has given prospective buyers the amount of money they’ll need to stash away in order to fully enjoy their next generation handhelds.

Games will range from $9.99 all the way to $49.99. They will all be available on store shelves and on the PSN Store for digital consumption.

Memory cards — which are practically required to use the device to its full potential — range from $19.99 for a 4GB stick all the way to $99.99 for the 32GB version.

(You can find out what the launch lineup and the cost of all the accessories over at the PlayStation.Blog post.)

I wish to comment on the pricing of the games. Capping at $49.99 is a little high. $39.99? Acceptable. But raising the price of handheld games in a market where people who are looking at dedicated handhelds like they’re print magazines is stupid.

The memory card pricing may be less than expected, but it’s still absurd to charge $100 for 32GB worth of storage. I don’t care if its the size of a thumbnail — it’s still expensive.

With pricing in mind, the reportedly poor 3 – 5 hour battery life and the general lack of interest in the available launch games keeps it out of my online shopping carts.


Wii Zapper, Eat Your Heart Out.

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Finally. The Wii Zapper has some real competition.

This Guerrilla Games and Zipper developed peripheral will somehow help Killzone 3 become more accessible. Because everyone knows how to point a gun and move with an analog nub attached.

This isn’t a cheap peripheral either. The Sharpshooter will cost $40 on top of those PlayStation Move and Navigation controllers I haven’t purchased yet. Oh, and I’m also missing the PlayStation Eye. Talk about barrier to entry.

But at least it makes Killzone 3 more accessible, right?

I’ll tell you what. If you give me all that PlayStation Move money, I’ll teach you how to use a dual analog controller. Then you’ll be able to access hundreds of other games outside of the PlayStation domain.

That’s a much better deal.

P.S – Killzone 3 looks great!