Disney Acquires LucasFilm

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If you haven’t heard already, Disney — the owner of both Marvel and Pixar — are now also owners of LucasFilm and all the assets that come with that name. That includes Industrial Light & Magic, Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties.

Here’s an interview with George Lucas detailing his reasons for the sale and his intentions for his most notable property.

Star Wars: Episode VII in 2015? And more films in two to three year intervals? A new trilogy that will finally complete the trilogy of trilogies. George Lucas’ involvement in all of this will be as a “creative consultant”.

I’m not for or against this move and I’m not particularly interested in what the new trilogy will bring. I am, however, interested in Star Wars 1313 and its future.

Apparently for the time being, the Star Wars 1313 project (and all LucasArts projects) are proceeding like “business as usual“. However, from now on LucasArts will be focusing on casual and mobile titles. They are willing to license out Star Wars to other studios who wish to create something a bit more substantive on consoles though.

I was initially surprised by the sale — specifically the $4.05 billion price tag. It’s actually $3 billion less than what Disney paid for Pixar and approximately the same price they paid for Marvel. Whoever is setting up these deals for Disney is quite the bargainer.

Square Enix Acquires Eidos

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Tomb Raider, Hitman and Deus Ex publisher Eidos were in talks with Square Enix about an acquisition for quite some time. It sounds a bit crazy, but Square Enix is very interested in acquiring some western developers to help broaden their library. Well they got their wish. In announcement made today, Eidos will be under the big Japanese RPG publisher’s umbrella starting May 2009.

“Eidos maintains a strong reputation for high quality development and proven expertise in creating characters and storylines that appeal to consumers. Eidos’ products are highly complementary to our business and will accelerate our aggressive expansion into Western markets. We believe that wide range of both companies’ quality products encompassing major genres will enable us to meet diversified customers’ expectations upon a global basis.”

We will finally be able to see who would win a match: FFX-2’s Yuna or Lara Croft.

Valve Cool With Acquisitions

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Not only are they cool with acquiring studios like Turtle Rock, but they’re also okay with the idea of being acquired themselves.

Don’t panic yet. They’re not looking to be acquired, but ever since working with Electronic Arts with The Orange Box, it seems they’re quite impressed with the big publisher and the idea of it.

I’ve always thought Valve was comfortable with their own thing, but if they’re looking into taking their games to the next level and need the funds to do so, by all means go for it. I just hope they keep their integrity and quality.


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ageianvidia.jpgAGEIA made a name for itself with the introduction of their PhysX software and hardware solutions. The PhysX SDK is available for a wide variety of platforms including the XBOX 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 and the PC. While their hardware solutions have been less than stellar, their SDK have garnered some attention by the likes of Epic Games and their Unreal 3.0 Engine.

Well, it now appears that NVIDIA have deemed them worthy enough for purchase. A press release earlier today announced that NVIDIA are going to “bring amazing physics dynamics to millions of gamers” through the acquisition of AGEIA. Does this mean we are going to see PhysX physics processing units (PPU) along side the upcoming GeForce video cards? I have no idea. One thing for certain though: this is the best thing to happen to AGEIA since their inception.