PS Vita Ads – N.A vs Europe

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North American


The North American one shows a glimpse of some game, but it insinuates that “3G Gaming” will be the kind of multiplayer game we can find on the consoles.

The European ad doesn’t show any gameplay and if it wasn’t the PlayStation Vita’s launch window, it could have been taken as an ad for the PlayStation brand in general.

I believe both ads fail to promote the Vita properly. In fact, Apple has done a better job promoting their iOS devices for games:

Halo: Reach Live Action Marketing Ramping Up

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I’m not going to fight anymore. It’s another day of videos.

Today we have Halo: Reach’s live action advertisement.

Brilliantly executed. And for the first time, I think the tone of the advertising campaign will actually be representative of the game. (To me at least, others may disagree.)

There’s also a live action short which takes place a day prior to the invasion of Reach.
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iPhone OS 4.0 Seems Very Promising

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apple-logo.pngToday is iPhone OS 4.0 conference day. Engadget was there to transcribe the info, but if you’re lazy or would like a bulletpoint version the new info, here it is.

  • Over 100 new user features including Bluetooth keyboards, Home screen wallpaper, spell checker, wake on wireless and more
  • 7 tentpole features unveiled
    • Multitasking – Sever services including  background audio, background location, VOIP, Local notifications, Push notifications, Task completion, fast app switching
    • Folders – Now can organize apps with folders and place them on the dock etc.
    • Unified inbox – All your e-mail accounts in one inbox, can organize by thread, fast inbox switching, open attachments with apps
    • iBooks – eBook reader, book store, sync page and book marks across platforms
    • Enterprise – Better data protection, mobile device management, SSL VPN support, Exchange Server 2010 support, wireless app distribution
    • Game Center – “Xbox Live!” for iPhone OS 4.0 including leaderboards, friend invites, matchmaking & achievements
    • iAd – New in-app mobile advertising platform which includes more interactive ads which developers can buy “ad space”,
  • Release windows:
    • Coming Summer for iPhone & iPod Touch
    • Coming  Fall for iPad
  • Certain iPhone OS 4.0 features (ie: multitasking) will only work with iPhone 3GS & 3rd generation iPod Touch devices. (Poor iPhone 3G owners)

Pretty darn exciting features coming for iPhone OS. I wonder if the iPad will get exclusive features or not. It may actually convince me to let go of my complaints and get one .

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Will Outsell MW2*?

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npd-logo* For one console SKU

Nintendo of America’s Reggie is a fun guy. He likes to make wagers, poke fun and pimp the hell out of his products. This is his latest wager:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii will outsell Modern Warfare 2 on one platform by the end of this holiday season.

Is it possible for them to pull this off? I think so. This is a 2-D side scrolling Mario game for the Wii. It’s very accessible and it has mass market appeal. I think it could outsell the PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2 by the end of this holiday season, but not the Xbox 360’s. That version has Walmart backing it with its latest ad work. I don’t see that kind of advertising for Super Mario Bros. Wii — at least not yet anyway.

I tried hard not to talk about Modern Warfare 2 this week, but how can I resist NPD sales related talk like this? I promise, no more MW2 talk for the rest of the week.

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