Game of the Year 2013 Day 3 of 3

Here we go, my favorite soundtrack, the best 2012 game I played in 2103 and my top 10 games of 2013 are here.

Please enjoy!

Best Soundtrack of 2013

Winner: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I’m still finding myself humming tunes from the 3DS game. It’s a mark of a fantastic soundtrack if it manages to burrow itself deep into my brain. Every time I recall that Lorule theme, I want to pick up my 3DS and revisit that game.

Runner ups: FarCry 3: Blood Dragon, Guacamelee

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LTTP: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (PC)

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Alan Wake was a unique experience for me. I’ve never played like it before and I haven’t played one quite like it until Remedy’s follow-up Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. It feels very much like an Alan Wake game but they don’t retread the same narration style and infuse enough fixes and tweaks to the formula to create a worthy stand-in while we wait for a full fledge sequel.

American Nightmare was framed like an episode of the Twilight Zone inspired fictional show Night Springs. Alan Wake somehow ended up in rural Arizona and has to figure out how to seal away the darkness and escape from the clutches of his doppelgänger, Mr. Scratch.

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Checkpoint: Steam Summer Sale 2012 Edition


This year’s Steam Summer Sale started a bit late. It had people worried but for the next week or so, folks will be far too busy refreshing Steam on a daily basis and then some.

Valve introduced 8 hour Flash Sales and Community Choice sales that have people checking the site more than once per day for new deals and new opportunities to give them more money. I’ve visited multiple times in hopes of something new and exciting but I only came away with: 1) Trine 2 and 2) the Alan Wake Collection.

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Checkpoint: The Gaming Breather Continues


By this time last year, I was playing Dead Space 2. This year it’s been non-stop back log for the past six weeks and it looks like that will continue until Mass Effect 3 lands.

Anything of intrest, I’m postponing until a sale hits and that includes Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. In fact, I actually received a copy of Soul Calibur V for $39.99 that I’m going to return because I have no interest in playing that right now.

Things would be a lot different if I were getting a PlayStation Vita next week, but I’m not and I won’t be getting into why until next week where the hype (for some folks) will be palpable.

It’s been Skyrim and a bit of Battlefield 3 multiplayer itch scratching when I feel the need to get away from bandit infested caves and ruins.

I’ve also been in house selling mode which I hope will come to an end after our first open house session today. Selling a house requires patience and lots of cleaning. I have no problem with both of these things, but it’s the winter time and I haven’t had a true vacation in months. These weekends are precious.

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