Checkpoint: New PC Woes Edition

I don’t expect every new PC build to go flawlessly but it’s still a hassle when it falls apart. Doubts creep into my head:

  • Is it the RAM?
  • Am I sure it’s the RAM?
  • Maybe it’s the motherboard?
  • Or maybe the CPU?
  • Did I mess it up?

My new PC is having memory issues. I know one DIMM is dead as it won’t POST at all while the other one is likely flaky as it doesn’t post reliably. I’m ruling it as a memory issue but I won’t be surprised if this is the beginning of a very long journey.

I saw the warnings NewEgg and about quality and compatibility issues but I decided to roll the dice on the Curcial Ballistix Sport anyways. I guess I wasn’t lucky.

Thankfully customer service is amazing. They allowed me to return the memory despite the fact that it’s outside of the 30 day window. I ordered a set of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 (2 x 8GB). They seem to be receiving a lot of love on NewEgg They’re cheaper and faster than the Crucial which makes me wonder if this is a blessing in disguise.

If the memory doesn’t resolve my issues, it’s onto the motherboard as a potential culprit.

My brother and I continue to play The Division but last night was the first time I felt I’ve had my fill. The Incursion, Falcon Lost, isn’t particularly fun or creative. Granted my brother and I undermanned for this mission but the wave based setup smells of laziness. Yes, it’s a free update but their portrayal of it made it seem like it was a ‘raid’ equivalent which it isn’t.

I’m chipping away at Valkyria Chronicles and continue to rediscover how great this game is.

Savestate: Get the Basics

AmazonBasics Batteries

AmazonBasics comes to Canada

AmazonBasics is a Amazon’s very own consumer electronics brand and it finally made its way to Canada. consumers have been raving about their products for years and now we finally get to buy Amazon branded batteries, laptop bags, tripods and paper shredders.

I haven’t purchased anything yet but it’s nice to know that I have a viable alternative.

iOS 8.1.1

This update was supposed to address performance issues with the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 but it appears to have addressed the performance issues that I had with my iPad 3 as well.

Ever since iOS 8 and 8.1, my iPad 3’s been running sluggishly and jamming up like an old Android device. Now, with Monday’s update, it appears to be better. It apparently didn’t work any wonders with the iPhone 4S, so I’m not sure why or how it improved my iPad 3 experience.

I still intend on picking up an iPad Air 2 though. I just need to become available on

Random Thought

Why did Panda feel the need to wear a Panda costume on episode 2 of Polar Bear Cafe? Such silliness!

Checkpoint: Deals Without Borders Edition

Checkpoint - Deals Without Borders Edition

As someone who follows gaming deals, it pleases me greatly to see previously U.S exclusive deals make their way north.

Target’s Canadian presence brought aggressive promotions like the recent “buy 2, get 1 free” video game sale. The only downsides to this deal are the limited store locations and the limited stock. It’s why I’m not a fan of posting retail deals like this; I don’t want to waste people’s time.

But Target’s efforts were not for naught. Big box stores like Target and Walmart make waves with their sales — so much so that will likely match or mimic.

I say mimic because’s take on these deals have either been slightly better or slightly worse. They also fail to clearly establish the terms and conditions from the get go and thus the sale will warp and confuse during the first couple of days.

The $69.99 MSRP sucks but regular sales like this helps dampen the sting of that price increase. It also highlights the fact that a little patience (emphasis on little) will pay off.

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Amazon Bought Twitch

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Amazon bought Twitchtwitch-logo for $970 million in cash. That’s a discounted price tag compared to the rumored $1 billion Google was considering.

When I heard the rumor of Google’s interest in Twitch, I thought it made a lot of sense. Google could have benefited from a larger base of potential users to advertise to and Twitch could expand their capabilities with the help of the tech giant’s infrastructure and technology.

Amazon can offer Twitch similar technological and infrastructure help but I don’t quite know how Twitch helps Amazon. It does expand their gaming portfolio with the addition of a gaming live stream service and at this point, every little addition helps their image in the eyes of gaming fans.

Twitch have improved tremendously over the last year or so but now that they have access to Amazon’s resources, I expect them to improve even more. They start by developing an official Roku app.

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