Black Friday 2010 Gaming Deals


Black Friday 2010 begins November 26, 2010! And Canadian retailers are getting into the thick of it. Here you will find game deals as I stumble into them. I will try to update this page as soon as possible, but if you want faster updates, follow GameDealsCanada on Twitter or Facebook!

Without further delay, here are the deals sorted by platform!

Please post a comment or send a message via Twitter or Facebook if there are any errors or new deals!

Bolded deals are my personal highlights.

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@GameDealsCanada Update – Adding Referrals & More

@GameDealsCanada began as a direct result of a dare. I had the idea to start a Twitter feed dedicated to video game deals, but lacked the motivation to create it. “Who would follow such a thing?” Then Robocrotch said, “If you start the feed, I will join Twitter and follow it.” And thus that’s how @GameDealsCanada was born.

With 200 followers (including plenty of entertaining spam followers), I’d say it’s been a successful little side thing. I’ve received kind words and thanks for the service which is always a nice ego boost however, I wanted a bit more feedback.

Firestorm (of NeoGAF and RFD fame) pointed me towards HootSuite. It’s supposed to be a way to monetize Twitter through Google Adsense, but at the moment it’s nothing more than a stat tracker. You may have noticed the HootSuite toolbar and links; that’s all HootSuite.

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Checkpoint: Griping About Edition


Update: After a quick e-mail to, my Killzone 2 order was shipped post-haste. They were experiencing “technical issues”.

All good things come to an end and is no different. For the past year or so, I’ve been recommending to everyone I know and with good reason. There was the $10 off coupon, free shipping for orders over $39 and relatively speedy shipping service. Now, it seems like everything I enjoyed from the online retailer is no longer valid.

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The “$10 off with a new account” trick

Update: Just got word that the coupons no longer work. End of the good times.

Apparently, I live in my own deals bubble. I assumed everyone who knew anything about deals knew about the “$10 off with a new account” trick. Well let me tell you uninformed folks how this “trick” works. “There’s no trick to it, it’s just a simple trick.” If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave me a comment.


  • New account
  • Order must be total $40 or more before taxes and shipping fees (works on pre-orders)

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