FYI: April Fools 2009, LBP Stats, 1st Madden 10 Screen

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What the deuce? Aren’t these FYI posts usually posted on Tuesdays? I bet you didn’t even notice they were missing. Not much happened yesterday, but today is April 1st and there will be plenty of crap to post about.

April Fools 2009

LittleBigPlanet Stats

Press release shared a handful of statistics concerning LittleBigPlanet:

  • Over 725,000 unique levels have been created
  • Over 125 million games have been played
  • Over 4 million comments have been posted

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April Fools’ Day 2008

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April Fools’ Day brings out the silliest things on the net. Here are some of the gaming and technology oriented ones I stumbled across today:

If you got some good ones, feel free to share.