LTTP: Asura’s Wrath (360)


LTTP or ‘late to the party’ pieces are opportunities for me to catch up and write about games I missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

Business and art are often at odds in many forms of entertainment and its no stranger in the games industry. Asura’s Wrath is a notable example of business being flat out incompatible with the kind of game Capcom and CyberConnect2 wanted to bring.

It debuted at $59.99 but then Capcom had the gall to place the game’s fourth act behind DLC paywall. It was approximately $7 but that’s besides the point. It was a vital piece story which they excluded from the game in an effort to extract more money from their customers. It was ludicrous and it kept many people from picking up this ridiculous and over-the-top interactive anime.

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Checkpoint: The Final Days of August Edition


Time has just flown by for me this year. It’s a consequence of not taking any vacation to just do nothing. But despite the lack of vacation, I’ve been working through some games.

I wrapped up Asura’s Wrath and even played some Geometry Wars 2. That game is still awesome. It would have been fitting to have a Geometry Wars 3 make its debut on the Xbox One. I even managed to unlock an Achievement (Treaty).

While on the Xbox 360, I noticed that I downloaded but never launched Beyond Good & Evil HD. I think it’s time I check that out. I also have Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light to finish as well. After that, I believe my Xbox 360 backlog will only consist of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

I’m still working my way through Plants vs Zombies 2 but I haven’t touched Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Animal Crossing made it’s way back into the 3DS XL and hasn’t left since Monday.

So what do I have left for the summer? I hope to fix up the house during the next long weekend. I was hoping to do some furniture shopping as well but I just haven’t found the motivation to spend big cash on that stuff. But I ought to if I want this place to appear like a real home.

Checkpoint: Lazy Summer Sundays 2013 Edition


I don’t know when or if I will get around to writing about these games, so I decided to cobble my current impressions of these “summer games” in today’s post.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I’ve enjoyed my first Animal Crossing title but I also feel that if things don’t pick up, I may eventually drop it for something else. I wish there was a way to convert this title into a 3DS digital version because swapping out carts just so I can pick fruits, and do “dailies” will eventually wear out my patience.

I check in daily just for the possibility of new things to appear but time between morsels of newness is growing.

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FYI: GamesCom 2011

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  • Price drop: PlayStation 3 160GB is $249.99 & 320GB with inFamous 2 is $299.99 (via PS.Blog)
  • PlayStation Vita specifications solidified; 512MB RAM & 128MB VRAM confirmed (via Press Release)
  • All PlayStation Vita will be available digitally (via GiantBomb)
  • inFamous 2 “Festival of Blood” DLC coming October 2011 (via PS.Blog)

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