FYI: Diablo 3 Requires Online Connection, Use Vita as a PS3 Controller & More

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Update: Borderlands 2 confirmed


  • Diablo 3 will require online connection — even for single player (via 1UP)
  • Diablo 3 will feature Auction House with real money (via 1UP)
  • You can use a PlayStation Vita as a PlayStation 3 controller (via EuroGamer)
  • Sucker Punch Joins Sony Worldwide Studios (via PS.Blog)
  • Catherine is Atlus USA’s Record for Biggest Launch (via IGN)
  • Borderlands 2 Coming 2012 (via Game InFormer)


  • iPhone 5 Coming to Canada on October 1st? (via MacRumors)

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TGS 2010: Other Announcements and Reactions

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  • Yakuza: Of The End features zombies – Sounds crazy and intriguing. I also hear it features some mechas? Even crazier.
  • Valkyria Chronicles 3 is PSP bound – Don’t expect me to pick it up right away. Like with VC2 for PSP.


  • Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are being re-released in HD – No details on whether it’s 720p60 or what, but I am looking forward to this!

Electronic Arts

Shadows of the DAMNED

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release: Summer 2011

Debut Trailer

My Reaction

Even though it has so many talented high profile Japanese gaming developers involved, very skeptical about this. That trailer did not impress me at all.

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What is ‘Catherine’?

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Or should I ask, who is this sultry blonde named ‘Catherine’? It’s an adult oriented action adventure game from the guys who brought us the much beloved Persona 4, Atlus.

There’s a trailer out. It’s weird and, as expected, very stylish.

A thorough translated first look can be found over at Andriasang’s (cleavage warning). ‘Catherine’ is coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Winter 2010 for Japan.

I’m intrigued and wish to learn more.

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