Checkpoint: No Simplicity Edition

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With my home server stable and running FlexRAID. I decided to install the following:

  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection
  • System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager

They see like simple installs but could not be further from the truth. Data Protection Manager was easily the most complex Windows application I ever installed.

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Checkpoint: Involuntary Purge Edition

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My 2TB Seagate drive died on Friday. I had no idea it was on its way out and I lost a bunch of movies, music and game backups. My most important documents were backed up but it was still a bummer to discover all that data was lost.

These involuntary purges are not welcomed but they I don’t mind them. We’re all digital hoarders and the occasional purge is sometimes necessary to save space and put things into perspective.

  1. Did I back up enough?
  2. Did I really need all that stuff?
  3. Why did I buy that Seagate hard drive?

This also reignited the research initiative for my future home server with VMWare ESXi. Will it work out? I have no idea until I try real hardware. In the meantime, I have installed ESXi 5.1 on a Oracle VirtualBox VM. I’m trying to install FreeNAS on the ESXi install but I’m encountering issues with the installation.

I will continue test this virtual setup but it could ultimately be for my own amusement as VMWare ESXi and the ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi/AP motherboard will undoubtedly have compatibility issues. Th

Checkpoint: Ramping Up The Home Server Party Edition

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Got my Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB SATA Hard Drive and successfully installed it into my Shuttle ST20G5. Windows Home Server 2011 recognized it and I was able to configure/format it within seconds. With that simple step out of the way, the long task of migrating 450+ GB of data from my HP Media Vault NAS to the 2TB hard drive within the Shuttle.

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Checkpoint: Home Server Project Update Edition

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After getting my hands on the retail version of Windows Home Server 2011 (sans license key), two failed installs and a pre-mature catastrophic driver related failure resulting in another re-install: I got my Windows Home Server up and running.

It took a bit of experimenting (which resulted in that catastrophic failure I spoke of), but I was able to get every device recognized in this 6 year old Shuttle ST20G5. I only have a 200 GB drive in there working as the “OS drive”, but it is up and running.

I enabled the web access which allows me to access the home server via the web from anywhere in the world. And I tried streaming multiple SD videos simultaneously without a hitch as well. As soon as I get my Seagate LP 2TB 5900RPM 3.5″ SATA hard drive 64MB, I’ll start backing up computers and implementing Dropbox syncing and all that fun stuff.

I was thinking of implementing a RAID 1 setup, but with the age of this Shuttle hardware I didn’t think it would be a good idea. After a bit of thought, I decided to stick with a single 2TB drive for now and simply use this tiered approach for data “backup”.

  1. Local hard drive on PC
  2. Windows Home Server for data that would be a nice to have, but not too important
  3. HPMediaVault will serve as on-site backup solution for more important data
  4. DropBox or Amazon Cloud Storage for critical backups

It’s a bit much for home, but at least my data will be safe. Hopefully.

My next objective is to get a hold of a Windows Home Server 2011 license. I have 29 days to do so before this trial period ends. It costs around $110 USD, but I can’t find a North American retailer that will ship to Canada. As days tick away, I may need to call in a favor in order to get a copy of it.

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