BioShock 2 transitions from GFWL to Steamworks

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As you may know may already be aware: Games for Windows Live! is dead.

We were wondering what will happen to the games that were wrapped with Games for Windows Live!. The logical step was to upgrade to Steamworks but when was that going to happen and which games will be the first to do it?

The answer: BioShock 2.

The full transition to Steamworks also brought along full controller support. They’ve also finally released the Minerva’s Den DLC which I hear nothing but good things for. Many have said it’s better than BioShock 2 itself.

I don’t have a copy of BioShock 2 for the PC but I did own the PS3 version. I think I will buy the PC version on the cheap along with Minerva’s Den DLC.

Checkpoint: I Finished Some Games Edition


I finished Professor Layton and the Unwound Future yesterday. In short, it’s my favorite of the series and may not be topped. I was on such a Layton high, I went ahead and bought one of these Revoltech Professor Layton figures. I’ve been collecting figures here and there as of late, I hope I don’t end up with this (slightly NSFW). I doubt it since those figures cost $120 and the Layton figure I got costs $20 (I hope. They haven’t finalized shipping costs yet).

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BioShock 2 PS3 Multiplayer Review

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BioShock 2‘s multiplayer is a bit of a guilty pleasure. It isn’t like other shooters at all. It may have similarities, but it’s unique blend of plasmids and traditional shooter weaponry results in some of the most interesting multiplayer games I’ve ever played. If only the technical issues would kindly step aside and let me enjoy it consistently.

Is it video lag or network lag? BioShock 2‘s multiplayer has both. The netcode isn’t especially strong and the framerate isn’t all their either. These would be real deal breakers if it were any other shooter, but BioShock 2 multiplayer. For you see, it doesn’t matter if you’re a great shot or not. BioShock 2 allows the clever to reap more rewards than the twitch marksman.

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Checkpoint: The Calm Before The March 2010 Storm Edition


It’s the end of February. While in year’s past, this would be gaming business as usual, 2010’s March lineup rivals the best holiday lineups ever.

I placed my order for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, my Final Fantasy XIII order was placed earlier this year and God of War III was in the queue since mid-2009.

Unfortunately, I still have games I wish to spend with including BioShock 2‘s multiplayer which I will do a write up about later this week. I also have Trine to complete; I would have been a bit disappointed with if I had spent the full $19.99 for it. Then there’s Starship Defense, which didn’t particularly wow me, but I did just finish it with all “Perfect” medals. I did want to spend more time with Marvel vs Capcom 2 as well. After all these years, I really wanted to spend time into executing an “Air Combo” consistently.

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