Maybe Dragon Age: Inquisition is for me?

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I tried to play Dragon Age: Origins but I couldn’t get pass its high fantasy tropes. I sided with The Witcher and its fantasy ways and all but written off Dragon Age: Inquisition as “not for me”.

But after watching this combat trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, I think I should give the franchise another look. The presentation and fluidity of combat from an active and tactical standpoint is difficult to ignore — especially because they were demonstrating it with a controller. I’m also impressed of their art style and how well Bioware wielded Frostbite 3 for their role playing game purposes.

Maybe I’m wrong about Dragon Age: Inquisition and it’s for me after all.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will debut on November 18th, 2014 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

E3 2014 Day 3 Impressions

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Battlefield: Hardline PlayStation 4 Closed Beta Impressions

Electronic Arts unleashed pyrotechnics for this closed beta and I think that’s the most explosive thing about Battlefield: Hardline. The criticisms laid against are valid, it is very similar to Battlefield 4. The best description I heard was that it’s like Battlefield 4 mod developed by a very talented team.

The Blood Money game mode was entertaining but I can’t help but wonder how it would fare in a a game filled with tanks, APCs and generally more bombastic levels. Walls fells, glass shattered but unlike Siege of Shanghai, this urban sprawl that we were fighting through didn’t have a giant set piece to dazzle me.

There were minor changes here and there that I would love to see DICE bring to Battlefield 4 — but that’s all I took away from the beta. I just wanted to play Battlefield 4 and didn’t see anything in Battlefield: Hardline that would make want to pick it up.

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Electronic Arts: Now Your Source for Star Wars Games

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ea-logo.pngDisney have bestowed upon Electronic Arts the exclusive rights to the Star Wars license. For the next several years, Electronic Arts and its studios including BioWare, DICE and Visceral Games will be making Star Wars games. All three studios are also making these games with the Frostbite 3 engine.

I immediately thought of Star Wars: Battlefront III being helmed by DICE. I can also see Star Wars 1313 or something similar coming from Visceral Games. I see a legitimate KOTOR 3 coming from BioWare as well.

Then my mind began to wander and I started pairing EA studios like Criterion a sequel to Star Wars: Episode I – Racer. How about Maxis creating a Star Wars themed Sims game? A new Star Wars RTS by Victory Games?

Say what you will about Electronic Arts but I can see why Disney chose them; they have the resources to span across multiple genres and platforms. For Disney, this means they don’t have to manage relationships with a list of developers and publishers — it’s just one point of contact for all things Star Wars.

Will this pan out? Not every title will set the world ablaze but that wasn’t the case before this exclusivity deal, so I don’t see this a bad thing at all.

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