Checkpoint: Games Across All Platforms Edition


Did you know I owned a PlayStation Vita? I haven’t spoken much about it but I promise to write some impressions later. All I’ve been playing on the Sony handheld is Wipeout 2048. And technically I’m not even playing my own save because the damn device cannot juggle multiple profiles. Game developers could allow multiple saves but I doubt that will be common practice.

I grabbed a copy of Rayman: Jungle Run for $0.99 and promptly finished it. It’s easily my favorite of those platformers for iOS. Shamefully, I have yet to even start Rayman: Origins.

Continuing on the portable gaming front, I started Professor Layton & the Last Specter. I’m confused by the game’s placement in the Professor Layton timeline. I learned that it’s technically the beginning of a brand new “season”. Does that mean reboot? I wouldn’t mind if each new season was treated as an opportunity to start somewhat fresh.

On the console side of things, I still have my copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II in my PlayStation 3 and continue to play the multiplayer on a regular basis. As for Halo 4? My time with Xbox Live! Gold is drawing to a close and I don’t plan on renewing it free months or the like. I’m going to wait for this season’s worth of Spartan Ops to wrap up and then dive back in to check that all out.

Lastly, there’s Sleeping Dogs which I’m enjoying more and more. Not only is it fun but the themes and messages that are being shared resonates with me like no other game. I’ve heard many of these things from family members but it’s weird to hear it coming through a game. I hope it continues to be great.

Checkpoint: 2010 Reflection Edition


With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo 4, I’m finding myself reading my own impressions again. I remember both enjoying Black Ops for its espionage and relative sound framing of the events. I hope Treyarch continues that steady pace and resists the temptation to go hog wild.

I also enjoyed Halo: Reach a lot making it my favorite Halo experience from Bungie. I remember the game being tough because of a very aggressive A.I but I also remember the tech shortcomings. I approached Halo 4 with those two impressions in mind.

I just finished Halo 4’s campaign. I died many times throughout the 8 hours or so but it was usually out of recklessness and experimentation. I didn’t die because I was cowering behind cover which was the case in Halo: Reach.

My overall impressions for Halo 4 is positive aside from two key points: A.I and gameplay design. Some may even say that they’re one and the same but I believe one of these took a step back while the other was a non-step. I’ll elaborate on all of this later.

I bought Sleeping Dogs for the PC. It was $25 (50% off) and I suspect it wouldn’t get that much cheaper in the coming month or so. After Black Ops II, the only 2012 game I have coming is Far Cry 3 which will likely be returned. I still have lots of 2012 games to play but the two key titles I’d like to get by year’s end are XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Dishonored.

Hopefully there are substantial deals in the coming weeks!

Checkpoint: Break in the Action 2012 Edition


I’m I between games at the moment. I wrapped up Final Fantasy XIII-2 and thoroughly enjoyed Journey (review of that in a few days). And now I have a lull to fill. Since I took advantage of a Call of Duty: Black Ops II promo, I decided to mop up the remaining BLOPS trophies and replay the campaign. I doubt there are any substantial links back to this game, but it is worth replaying because it’s just a COD campaign. It is still a fun romp despite Mason’s awkward voice acting.

The setting still piques my interest and they do a good job with the pacing so that it isn’t just non-stop action. Most importantly, though: they do a fantastic job framing each mission. That is the key differentiator between Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 for me — I’ve bought into the numbers and Cold War sleeper agent set up.

Why lies beyond this lull? Halo 4 lands on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it. The first non-Bungie Halo game seems competent under the direction of 343. I’m specifically interested with how the new game engine pans out.

FYI: iPhone 5 & Wii U Announcements


iPhone 5 coming September 21st (via Apple)

  • 4″ screen
  • Thinner & lighter
  • New “Lightning” connector
  • Includes revised “EarBuds”
  • Starts at $699.99 CAD ($50 more than iPhone 4S)  for the 16GB model

New iPod Touch w/ taller screen announced

New iPod Nano w/ touch screen announced

Wii U announced for November 18th (via Nintendo)

  • Two bundles which include gamepad, HDMI cable, AC adapters
  • Basic bundle costs $299.99
    • White console w/ 8GB flash memory
  • Deluxe bundle costs $349.99
    • Black console w/ 32GB flash memory
    • NintendoLand
    • Console & gamepad stands
Nintendo’s “Second Screen Experience” dubbed Nintendo TVii announced
  • Controlling TV and movie experience with the Wii U’s gamepad

Bayonetta 2 announced exclusively for Wii U

  • Published by Nintendo
  • Developed by Platinum Games

Call of Duty: Black Ops II announced for Wii U


New Super Mario Bros. U Trailer

Nintendo TVii

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