Megaton: Warner Bros. Goes Blu-ray Exclusive


Ladies and gentlemen. The high definition format war is all, but over. Warner Bros. goes Blu-ray exclusive. WB representives say money hats were not given for the “sudden” move, but only the naive could completely believe that.

I am very pleased with this move. I guess we know why WB needed the 2 hour timeslot for their press conference at CES 08 now; lots of Q&A time.

Update: HD-DVD Forum just cancelled their CES 08 press conference. I’m shocked. Why no damage control?

CES 2008 Rumor and Preview Round Up


I recall a time when the Consumer Electronics Show was more of a tradeshow about gadgets, huge LCDs, computer technology and other new technologies, such as this high definition wireless solution. I started following the show thanks to all the new computer oriented products companies would announce and display; it was a nice preview of the year to come computer technology wise.

Since the inceptions of the high def war and the next-gen console war, CES’ entertainment section slowly became the highlight of the show for me.

With CES 2008 is just a few days away (starts January 7th), I found it hard to miss all the buzz surrounding it. Here’s a rundown of some of the noteworthy:

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PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl Blu-ray Replacement Program

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Back in late August of this year, the keen eyes of an AVS forum member noticed that there was something offabout the Blu-ray version of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. The framing issue was investigated by Disney and they are finally offering a disc replacement program.

You can get the ball rolling via one of the following options:

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