Pulse Elite headset will (eventually) work with the PS4

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Game Informer shared some new info on the subject of headsets and the PlayStation 4.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • The PlayStation Pulse Wireless Elite headset will work with the PS4 after a post-launch system update
  • Other USB headsets will also work with the PS4 after a post-launch system update
  • Bluetooth PlayStation 3 headsets will not work

The lack of Bluetooth headset compatibility is perplexing since the PlayStation 4 includes a bluetooth antenna. Is this a ploy to generate additional PlayStation headset sales? That doesn’t make much sense when you consider they’re going to allow the Pulse Elite headsets with a system update.

I hope Sony comes out and clarifies things on that front. I really would like to know why they’re excluding PS3 compatible Bluetooth headsets.

Oh, PC Gaming…

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windows-logoWe wanted to play Borderlands on PC. Simple enough, right? I wanted to play on my new couch setup and thus I wanted to use my new Bluetooth receiver and use that to pair my PlayStation headset for voice chat.

That didn’t work out so well.

The sound quality was terrible and there was nothing I could do to adjust the mic’s sensitivity. After 30 minutes of trying I gave up only to discover that Borderlands’ built-in voice chat didn’t even work. Instead of trying to get a Vent server or some other PC voice chat service, I convinced the guys to use our PS3’s and start a voice chat room. It worked fine afterwards.

I was on my couch playing Borderlands on my PC with an Xbox 360 wireless controller, an official PlayStation Bluetooth headset and using my PlayStation 3 as voice chat server. Talk about ridiculous.

It didn’t need to be this way though. PC’s are supposed to be very accommodating and open to scenarios such as my own. But, that’s not the case at all and that’s one reason why so many people get discouraged with PC gaming.

Checkpoint: Turning PC into Console Edition


There was once a time when using a controller to play PC games meant using a joystick for a flight sim. You didn’t play first person shooters with a controller; it was taboo. Nowadays, thanks in to the popularity of consoles, big HDTV screens and boom home theater systems, it can be viewed as the preferred method.

Burnout: Paradise was the first game I installed and I immediately sought how to hook up my Xbox 360 controller to that game and get it running.

I did.

And the result was glorious. 1080p @ 60 FPS Burnout: Paradise on my 52″ Sony HDTV. All the settings were set to high (except for SSAO). I liked what I got myself into so the next game I tried was Borderlands. This also supported the Xbox 360 controller and it ran well enough on my 20″ monitor @ 1680 x 1050. I think I’ll need to tweak some settings to enable a 60 FPS experience when running at 1080p, but the most important thing was that it worked.

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iPhone OS 4.0 Seems Very Promising

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apple-logo.pngToday is iPhone OS 4.0 conference day. Engadget was there to transcribe the info, but if you’re lazy or would like a bulletpoint version the new info, here it is.

  • Over 100 new user features including Bluetooth keyboards, Home screen wallpaper, spell checker, wake on wireless and more
  • 7 tentpole features unveiled
    • Multitasking – Sever services including  background audio, background location, VOIP, Local notifications, Push notifications, Task completion, fast app switching
    • Folders – Now can organize apps with folders and place them on the dock etc.
    • Unified inbox – All your e-mail accounts in one inbox, can organize by thread, fast inbox switching, open attachments with apps
    • iBooks – eBook reader, book store, sync page and book marks across platforms
    • Enterprise – Better data protection, mobile device management, SSL VPN support, Exchange Server 2010 support, wireless app distribution
    • Game Center – “Xbox Live!” for iPhone OS 4.0 including leaderboards, friend invites, matchmaking & achievements
    • iAd – New in-app mobile advertising platform which includes more interactive ads which developers can buy “ad space”,
  • Release windows:
    • Coming Summer for iPhone & iPod Touch
    • Coming  Fall for iPad
  • Certain iPhone OS 4.0 features (ie: multitasking) will only work with iPhone 3GS & 3rd generation iPod Touch devices. (Poor iPhone 3G owners)

Pretty darn exciting features coming for iPhone OS. I wonder if the iPad will get exclusive features or not. It may actually convince me to let go of my complaints and get one .

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