Checkpoint: Netflix TV Q3 2013 Edition

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I’ve watched a lot more TV over the past few months than I have through all of 2012. Thanks Netflix.

It started with House of Cards and followed with Star Trek: The Next Generation which I’ve already spoke about at length. I watched Twin Peaks in parallel and was impressed with how well it held up. I also took in a healthy dose of laughter courtesy of Arrested Development.

I mentioned all the above in a previous Checkpoint and decided to provide an update:

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Checkpoint: Tylenol & Tissues Edition

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It’s been a rough couple of days filled with Tylenol, tissues and plenty of liquids. I’ve had worse colds and fevers but none so persistent. I’m getting better but it has taken too many days away from me to get there. I’m guessing that’s just a sign of getting old.

I wish I could have said it was all fun and games while being sick — you know, like in elementary school and I could still find the energy for long gaming sessions in between doses of medication.

I took this opportunity to catch up on shows and movies. I’m finally watching Season 5a of Breaking Bad. I’m nearing the end of Justified Season 2 and Archer Season 4. But most importantly, I finished rewatching all of the TNG movies and thus finishing my quest to relive all the TNG TV and film content in chronological order.

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